Gorden, Dale Irvin

Birth Name Gorden, Dale Irvin
Gender male
Age at Death 86 years, 1 month, 27 days


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1932-09-19 LaPorte, LaPorte, Indiana, USA Birth of Gorden, Dale I.  
Event Reference Note

Born at the Rachel C. Merchant farm.

Death 2018-11-16 Westminster, Carroll, Maryland, USA Death of Gorden, Dale  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Gorden, Thurl David1903-07-231984-08-03
Mother Stites, Grace Irene1905-07-171980-12-30
    Sister     Gorden, Lois Adeline 1925 1997-05-23
    Brother     Gorden, Donald Frank 1926-01-25 1929-05-10
    Brother     Gorden, Thurl William Jr. 1927-04-27 1929-08-10
    Sister     Gorden, Phyllis Elaine 1930-05-05 1930-08-25
         Gorden, Dale Irvin 1932-09-19 2018-11-16
    Brother     [Living], [Living]
    Brother     [Living], [Living]


Family of Gorden, Dale Irvin and Wolford, Arthetta Jane

Married Wife Wolford, Arthetta Jane ( * 1932-11-08 + 2008-03-24 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1956-03-17 Waterford, Erie, Pennsylvania, USA Marriage of Gorden, Dale and Wolford, Arthetta  
Name Birth Date Death Date
[Living], [Living]


Traveled to Cuba (twice), Greenland, Scotland, France, Greece, and Italy.


Following is the Reflections of Dale I. Gorden. It has been edited to protect the privacy of living family members. - Gorden, [Private]

Reflections of Dale I. Gorden


1. Impressions
2. Pre-Marital Influences
A. Parents & Family
3. Education
A. Grades 1-12
B. Technical School
C. College & University
4. Types of Work
5. Influences
A. Christian
B. Outside World and Family
6. Pre-retirement Marital Years
A. Parents
B. Westinghouse Electric Corp.
C. Community
D. Misc. Family Info
7. Retirement Years
A. Arthetta's Health
B. Volunteer Work
8. Summary
A. Exciting Events
B. Conclusions

I Impressions of Dale I. Gorden

Looking back over the last 62 plus years, it is hard to understand why I have been so richly blessed by our LORD JESUS CHRIST. When one reads this review of my life to date, it must be understood that the following is true (1) I am grateful for the powerful sword of the Spirit which defended me in time of attack, comforted me in time of sorrow, taught me in time of meditation, and prevailed against the power of the enemy on my behalf because I needed the TRUTH to set me free and (2) I have always loved my parents, but I didn't agree with their method of dealing with life's trial and temptations.

II Pre-Marital Influences on Dale I. Gorden

A. My Parents and Their Family
I was born on September 19, 1932 at the Rachel C. Merchant farm located in the County of LaPorte, Indiana during the Great Depression. Let me go back in time prior to my birth. While living on the farm (during the year 1931 to the month of November, 1936), my two older brothers (Donald Frank born January 25, 1926 and Thurl William born April 27, 1927) and one of my older sisters (Phyllis Elaine born May 5, 1930) died. Donald died May 10, 1929, Thurl William died August 10, 1929 and Phyllis died August 25, 1930--all within a two year period. The cause of their deaths was an epidemic consisting of a combination of Glandular Fever, Pneumonia, Influenza and Whooping Cough. They were buried on Poets Hill in Pine Lake Cemetery in LaPorte County, Indiana. My oldest sister, Lois Adeline, barely survived the epidemic. I had Scarlet Fever and my left eye swelled out even with my nose, and then turned over, resulting in a weak left eye. The loss of three children resulted in a very severe nervous strain on both parents. This could explain in part why I (Dale) was never shown affection by my parents.

After living on the Rachel C. Merchant farm for 6 years, we moved to Pleasant Township near Millcreek, Indiana. While living in a converted school house, Gorden, [Private] was born. In 1937, we moved to North Pine Lake Island. Years later this home was restored by Dr. William E. Wolfe and named "The Lair". In 1940 we moved to the east side of Pine Lake (914 Pine Lake Road), and in February of 1943 we moved in to LaPorte, Indiana to 1201 Scott Street. In [Private] Gorden, [Private] was born.

My father, Thurl David, was an alcoholic with very mean characteristics while under the influence. The 17 years with my parents were difficult years for me to adjust to what my parents thought was a normal life. Today one would clearly define it as a dysfunctional family. Many of my beatings and my mother's beatings were life threatening. My father was a very physically strong individual. While he was intoxicated, it was normal for him to pick me up and throw me toward an open cellar step entry door. I would end up hitting the steps and the concrete basement floor. We could never be sure when he would arrive home sober. All of this behavior affected the family structure. The big cover-up by family members and always being afraid of the next day was traumatic. The food money would all go on pay day if my mother didn't meet Dad at Barney's Pool Room on Friday night after he got paid. The other source that helped him pay for the booze was the Union. Eventually he was the Local and District Union President for many years and the Union Club had it's own bar. When one lives for one's self as my father did, you see life at it's worst. Here we see a Pastor's son who wanted to do everything his own way with no time for the Lord Jesus. Many weekends he never came home. Every other weekend the three brothers (Thurl, Emanuel, and Israel) were to meet at either Emanuel's or Israel's home. Dad would not have come home on Friday night, and we would find him walking down Johnson Road heading for one of the brother's homes.

My oldest sister, Lois, was told to care for Dale while Dad and Mom worked. She was more interested in the boys her age. I grew up fast without much direction. Mom would have me track Dad and his friends who "kept him from coming home". Mom never knew when Dad would arrive home sober so she unloaded on Dad about my daily performance, and the war would begin even though it was one-sided. Many times Dad was too drunk to walk so his friends would roll him up on the sidewalk, and then peel rubber in their haste to leave.

III Education

A. Grades 1--12
I began my schooling in 1938 at Center Township School on Johnson Road. In 1943, we moved into the town of LaPorte, Indiana. The city schools which I attended were (1) Lincoln School (Grades 5&6), (2) Central Jr. High School (Grades 7&8) and (3) LaPorte High School (Grades 9--12). I shall always remember the move from country schools to the city schools because (1) The city school's education was at least one grade ahead of the country school's and (2) illness kept me home for 14 continuous weeks (6 weeks with measles, 4 weeks with mumps on the left side, and 4 weeks with mumps on the right side). Because of this, I repeated one half of fifth grade. Great Grandma Stites took care of me in so many different ways. As a result of this experience I attended summer school full time during 1946, 1947, 1948, and 1949 to enable me to graduate with my friends in the 5th grade class. There were three teachers who affected my life. They were Miss Sheldon (5th grade), Miss Emma Meyer (7th & 8th Grades) and Miss Kelly (9th through 12th grade Counselor). Miss Sheldon insisted that I repeat Grade 5A. It was best that this occurred, but hard to cope with. Miss Emma Meyer was very helpful and had empathy for my family situation. She lived one tenth of a mile from my birth place and knew my parents very well. Emma and Arthetta and I were great friends as long as she lived. Emma Meyer was 104 years young when she went to be with our Lord Jesus. The third teacher who stands out in my mind is Miss Kelly. She stated that I should forget about Technical School and College. She saw the results of my poor environment for studying and holding down at least two jobs while going to school. In addition to the jobs while going to school, I was accepted into the U.S. Naval Reserve (Michigan City, Ind. Unit).

B. Technical School Training
Because of lack of education, money and good study habits, I attended DeForrest (DeVry) Technical Institute in Chicago, Ill. This was where my study habits were changed for the better. The daily schedule consisted of (1) School (6 hours per day--5 days per week), (2) Work (4 hours per day--5 days per week and 8 hours per day on weekends), (3) Study (4 hours per day--7 days per week). After completing all Electronic Training Courses (Radio, TV. Servicing & Broadcast Operator Training and Electronics) during a two year period, I graduated in September of 1952. Boeing Aircraft hired me and moved me to their Wichita, Kansas manufacturing facility.

C. College and University Training
On January 1, 1953 I began active duty status in the U.S. Navy after being in the Naval Reserve for four years. Upon completion of 22 months of service during the Korean War, I went back to inactive naval reserve duty status, and enrolled at Tri-State College (which later became Tri-State University) in Angola, Indiana majoring in Electrical Engineering. After going straight through the BSEE curriculum (beginning in January of 1955), I graduated in December f 1957. Westinghouse Electric Corp. hired me, and moved me to their "Mother Plant" in East Pittsburgh, Pa. This was their engineering and manufacturing facility. For the next 20 years I attended night school on a regular basis. The University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University were the location where I did my graduate work. After my transfer to Orlando, Florida in 1983, all courses were sponsored by Westinghouse (scheduled yearly). Training was conducted at various locations in the United States.

IV Types of Work

A. Had my own live fish bait business at ages 9 and 10.
B. Combined three paper routes with 240 customers, and had my own lawn and house care business during ages 11--16.
C. Bakery Helper, Theatre Usher, Shipper of Flower Displays (Ove Ganat Co.), and Assemblyman (Harvell Co.) during ages 16 and 17.
D. Magazine Cover Stripper, Lawn Mower Assemblyman, Electronics Assistant (Arthur Godfrey's TV show in New York baking cakes in 90 seconds before the days of Microwave Ovens), Truck Loader, and TV Repairman at ages 18--20.
E. Electronics Technician (Boeing Aircraft and for the US Navy on the Radar Picket Destroyer, E.A. Greene 711) at ages 20--22 (Was in Inactive Naval Reserve for 18 years).
F. Fellow Electrical Design & Development Engineer--Generator Development Engineering--Steam Turbine Generator Division--Westinghouse Electric Corporation for 33 years.
1. Designed Steel Mill Generators, Power Plant (Nuclear, Gas, and Coal Fired) Generators, Special Motor/Generator Sets and Synchronous Condensor Type Electrical Alternators.
2. Designed Trident Submarine Generator (Prototype) for U.S. Navy.
3. Designed Sonar Development Motor Generator (Prototype ) for EDO Corp.
4. Developed and Designed the Brushless Excitation System.
5. Developed 18 Patent Disclosures.
6. Awarded 8 patents.
7. Designed Horizontal & Vertical Hydro Generators.
8. Designed permanent Magnet Generators (twenty times larger than previously built)

V Influences

A. Christian influences made the difference in my life.
During my formative years, I experienced a mother who would not provide affection to me and a father who had a major alcoholic problem. At least two of my mother's close friends knew of her never showing me any affection after I was born. On weekends that my father came home to sober up, he would take me to the door of the church (Church of the Brethren) on Sunday Mornings, and leave me there. My parents never attended church services during the years that I lived at home. All of this was very confusing to one of my age. The "Christian Love" that I experienced while attending church activities was hard to understand. Those who knew me well expected that I would spend my adult years in prison. It is impossible, when I look back, to convince me that God was not watching over me. When I was 11 years old, my Mother's Mother (Susie Merchant Stites) experienced a heart attack requiring her to live in our home. God knew of the family care needed in our home. She lived with us until her death in 1951. During her time with us, she took me to all church revivals and other church services in our area. She held me when I was hurting and helped me in so many ways. She let me see what it meant to be a Sunbeam for Jesus Christ daily. She was a survivor who would not gossip, complain or try to hurt others. She loved God first and those around her second. My Father didn't like her even though she helped my folks financially. If I could live each day like she did and always smile, I would think that I had let her example shine through. She gave me advice that has guided me in many of the choices that I have made. She told me more than once about God's Way to live and to marry only a "Born Again Christian". She always said, "Life is full of trials and tribulations and only with God's leading both married partners, can one see the joy of serving Him." She has to be my hero. The love of Jesus kept me from a prison life. At the age of 13, I was pushed into going forward at a reveal meeting. I do know that I left so much at the altar that night. I lacked sufficient training required for one to live a committed life for Jesus Christ. It was certainly a spiritual high for me. My second spiritual high was when God brought Arthetta Jane (Wolford) Gorden into my life. In the year 1949 a group of young people at the LaPorte Church of the Brethren were sitting at the back of the church. In our Church Paper "Our Boys and Girls" had a section for those youth that wanted to correspond with other youth. A close friend of mine said that if I sent in my name he would send in his name. Grandma and I wrote to each other for several years. I went away to school in Chicago and was very busy. When I went in to the Navy in 1953 I was assigned to a Radar Picket Destroyer E.A. Greene 711 stationed out of Norfolk, VA. Norfolk was not were I wanted to spend my free time after being out at sea. I referred to my black address book, wrote to about six girls that I had from "Our Boys and Girls." I requested in my letter dated about 4/19/53 that the girls were not to write back if they were committed to any boy. Grandma and I started corresponding. When my ship was in Norfolk I hitchhiked to PA, and Grandma picked me up at Donegal Exit of the PA turnpike. We decided to marry after I finished college but that was changed to 3/17/56. (This date was selected (St. Patrick's Day) because it was a time break between school quarters.) What a real blessing this miracle was in Grandpa Gorden's life. My third spiritual high was the miraculous birth of our son, Gorden, [Private] David Gorden. My fourth and fifth spiritual highs would be when God brought Rev. E. Standley Fadely and the Gideons International into my life. My sixth spiritual high was with the Christian volunteer organization "Servants on Wheels Ever Ready Sowers" (SOWERS). Through God's direction and Arthetta's great love for God, I came to a point in my Christian Walk that I define as a Committed Christian attitude. My first contact with Arthetta came about through a Church of the Brethren magazine called "Our Boys and Girls" while I was still in High School. We wrote to each other for a couple of years and then we stopped. We started writing again in 1953 after I wrote to Arthetta while serving in the U.S. Navy. Upon returning to Norfolk, VA from Cuba, it was agreed that I would spend the weekend at her Father and Stepmother's home in Waterford (R.D., Ligonier), Pa. The relationship for me grew along with my relationship with Jesus Christ. Upon completion of 22 months of the Navy Active Reserve, I enrolled at Tri-State College (now Tri-State University) in Angola, Ind. in January of 1955. Three months prior to my completion of the Sophomore year, Arthetta and I were married (March 17, 1956).

B. Outside World and Family
People like Ben Sherman convinced me that there were people with big hearts. He was a truck driver for Chase Levy Distribution Co. in Chicago, Ill., and was always there for me. During my school years in Chicago, my parents agreed the following:

1. While I was attending school, I would not have to pay rent at home when I was visiting there.
2. I would pay for all shipping of clothes to be washed to and from home. We didn't have laundromats then.
3. Any borrowed monies would be paid back A.S.A.P.
4. While visiting home, I must complete all jobs assigned by my parents.

Family concerns and how I was mistreated were never discussed because: (1) My parent's influence with public officials, (2) Children's and Women's Rights did not exist, and (3) Excessive alcohol consumption was not recognized as a problem by the authorities. To have a good time and/or escape from reality, one must be intoxicated according to my father's reasoning. His being a Union Official and a long established resident who knew the "right people" was power for him. While heavily intoxicated he was involved in an accident involving an elderly couple. Both cars were totaled and the elderly couple were nearly killed. Dad was not injured, and lost his license for a year. Physical beatings were never reported, plus many of the family members showed their indifference, ignoring Dad's lack of controlled temper.

During my senior year in high school while preparing to leave for school, I heard Mr. Ayers (our neighbor at 1201 Scott St.) scream for help. I asked Mom to go with me to check the house, but no one was in the kitchen area. I saw the boiler (hot water for washing clothes) on the gas stove, but the flame was out. I also saw Mrs. Ayers' grand-daughter lying on the sofa and Mrs. Ayers lying on the floor. I asked Mom to shut off the burners on the stove and call the police. I carried out the granddaughter (Mary Mattson), and then Mrs. Ayers. Both recovered without incident. This incident was written up by a Herald Argus Reporter with the title, "Unsung Hero".

VI Pre-retirement Marital Years

A. Parents of Dale Gorden
They never accepted my wife, Arthetta. And example of this attitude was listed over and over in my parents' letters and statements to us. During my senior year in college, just prior to Gorden, [Private]'s birth, and with no previous discussions about financial assistance, we were told, "Don't come to us for any financial help if you can't pay your bills". Prior to our marriage I had borrowed $1,400.00 for college expenses which I needed in addition to what I had, but with Arthetta working and the G.I. Bill, we scraped by without borrowing during our married college time. For 14 months after graduation, we sent my parents $100 per month to pay the debt. Arthetta was always blamed for our moving to Pa., even though I told my family that she was not to blame. I moved to Wichita, Kansas after graduation from Technical School because of my Mother's "Control Behavior". I told Arthetta when I proposed marriage to her that if we wanted to stay married, we would have to live at least 400 miles from my parents' home. The letters from my parents always tied my stomach in knots.

My parents didn't attend church during the time I lived with them in LaPorte. Because of their attitude toward those who were Christians, I was concerned about their salvation. A long-time grade school friend, Bill Drewes, was a drinking friend of my Dad's (prior to Bill's being saved), and I asked him to talk with my parents about their salvation. Bill also asked another of my Dad's drinking friends who had received Salvation to talk with him. I then wrote to my parents about their salvation. This all took place over a two year period. They gave me the answer that there was nor reason for our concern. My one brother told me that my parents gave this answer just to get me to stop asking about their salvation. They said it was their problem if they didn't accept God. On Super Bowl Sunday in 1979 (approximately two months later,), my Mom called and stated that I was to listen and to give no comment to a statement she was about to read. Dad and she wanted to make two points clear to me. Point No. 1 was that unless I gave up my Lord, I would no longer be their son. Point No. 2 was that if any of my brothers or my sister sided with me or corresponded with me, they would be disowned, also. As a result of this shocking notice which was very difficult for me to understand, I could not deny my Lord, and thus our family relationship was destroyed until after the death of both parents. Prior to their deaths, I wrote to them trying to get them to change their minds, but they would not reply to our letters. The family relationship of our family and Gorden, [Private]'s was restored a couple of years after the death of my father who died after my mother. Approximately four years after this Gorden, [Private]'s and our family relationship was restored (1989). Gorden, [Private] notified us of both deaths. After praying about it, we decide not to attend either of the funerals. This was another hard time for us, but we did not attend because of the potential problems that could occur at such a stressful time and the lack of our family relationship. The relationships with Lois was never restored. When we attended reunions after the death of my parents, we treated them with friendship and kindness the way things used to be. Gorden, [Private] told us that my Dad did accept the Lord just prior to his death and that Dad said he was sorry for the way he had treated me all of my life. He could not be convinced to call or write to me stating that fact. HOW SAD!

It concerns us greatly that many of the Gardens and their family reject our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We pray for them each day. I have always approached witness for Christ on a very low key approach. I believe that the most effective way to witness is the daily example I try to display to my web of influence.

B. Westinghouse Electric Corporation
One year prior to college graduation, I had interviews with several companies. The power companies paid about 7% more than the manufacturing companies. God intervened and I was able to arrange an interview with Westinghouse Electric Corp. and be accepted by five different Design and Development Managers. The advantage of working for a large manufacturing corporation was that more money was available for development at large manufacturing plants as compared with power companies. Three days after graduation from Tri-State College in Angola, Ind., I reported in at the Westinghouse Electric Education Center for a six week indoctrination program prior to reporting to the East Pittsburgh Plant. On the fourth day of the program, they announced an austerity program. The next four days we had an accelerated program. Four hundred engineers had previously four location assignments before selecting their final location. This was changed to their selecting a final location, and if they weren't satisfied, they would be released. Upon reporting to the East Pittsburgh Plant, I started my final job, taking me to retirement 33 years later. A great deal of pressure came from (1) A five year austerity program (2) Attending night school at the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University (3) Learning Design Procedures (4) Westinghouse Training Courses (5) Long hours developing new products (6) Providing for the family needs. During the last 20 years at Westinghouse, I served as Training Instructor in Design Engineering in addition to my office, development, and manufacturing responsibilities. I traveled around the world several times during the 33 years with Westinghouse. Looking back, I know that without my Lord Jesus providing my needs, my career would not have been successful. Section IV F. Lists some of these accomplishments. A few others are (1) Attained the highest engineering classification of Fellow Engineer in 1977 (2) Received regular salary merit raises (3) Became the highest paid engineer in our department (4) Served as President for 7 years in the IEEE Society Excitation System Sub-committee (5) Traveled all over the Far East, Europe, Canada, and the United States representing Westinghouse Electric Corp. (6) Was able to tell my Westinghouse Web of Influence that Jesus Christ is the only hope for mankind, and that salvation through Jesus Christ is a free gift.

C. Community Involvement
1. Mathematical Society Secretary (Tri-State College)
2. International Students Assoc. Secretary (Tri-Sate College)
3. Arlington vol. Fire co. Trustee & Captain (1960-1976)
4. Arlington vol. Fire Coo. President & Secretary (1960-1964)
5. Arlington vol. Fire Co. Santa Claus (1961-1976)
6. Int. Electrical Electronic Engineering Society (1958-1990)
7. Junior Achievement Business Manager (1971-1972)
8. Township commissioner (1966-1969)
9. Campaign Manager in North Versailles Twp. for Senator Jack McGregor (1966)
10. Concerned Citizens of North Versailles Twp. (1964)
11. Gideons International (1974-1990)
12. Deacon at Various Churches (1962-1983)
13. Elder at Christian Missionary Alliance Church (1983-1985)
14. Young Peoples teacher and Advisor (Sunday School)
15. Trustee
16. Usher
17. Adult Sunday School Teacher
18. SOWERS (Servants On Wheels Ever Ready) (1994-2001)
19. Men's Work Secretary
20. Christian Businessmen's Club
21. Central Florida unit of W.B.C.C.I. (Wally Byam Caravan Club International. Wally Byam designed and manufactured the first Airstream travel trailer.) Served as 2nd Vice-Pres., 1st Vice-Pres., President, and Membership Chairman (1989-1992). Joined the Club in 1988.

D. Miscellaneous Family Information
The excitement of the birth of our son, Gorden, [Private], will always be a great miracle experience. The birth and the fact that neither mother nor child were expected to survive really hit home to me. God is so good! I had my finals on the day following Terry's birth. Fifteen babies were delivered the night Gorden, [Private] was born. Gorden, [Private] was the 8th. As I walked the college halls, and completed the finals for the quarter, I heard babies crying for 6 hours. I took Arthetta to the hospital at 6:30 AM on [Private] and Gorden, [Private] was born at 10:40 PM that night. I was at the hospital until after midnight, and was back at the hospital by 7 AM to see how Arthetta and Gorden, [Private] were doing, and started my finals at 8 AM. We bought our first home in Greensburg, Pa. in 1957 while we were still in Angola, Ind. We borrowed the money from Jennerstown, Pa. Peoples State Bank and later paid off the loan without ever being in their bank. My job required many extra trips to and from East Pittsburgh because, in addition to the required 40 hour work week, I had to be available 24 hours a day to come in to work if I were needed on the Test Floor for travel to power plants often times in emergency situations because of equipment breakdowns, and other job responsibilities. I was also attending night school classes in Pittsburgh. In 1960, we purchased a newly built home at 312 Lawrence Ave., North Versailles twp. (East McKeesport, Pa.). This reduced my one way travel distance from 25 miles to 3 miles. It was here that our spiritual growth began to blossom. Nine different influences are credited: (1) My wife, Arthetta (2) The miracle of birth which occurred 3 years earlier (3) The Pastor, E. Stanley Fadely, of the East McKeesport Church of the Brethren (4) The Gideons International (16 years) (5) Gorden, [Private]'s Conversion (6) Gorden, [Private]'s lip problem (7) Love shown to me by my in-laws (8) Gorden, [Private]'s decision to serve God full time. (9) Various Christians in churches which we attended.

In August of 1976, we decided we needed a change because of our need for greater spiritual growth, Gorden, [Private] was in college, and we wanted to get into apartment ownership and management. We sold our recreational vehicle, home and other investments. We moved into one of the 14 unit apartments that we purchased in Homestead Park. We stayed at this location for two years so that we could better manage both apartment complexes in the future from Wilkinsburg. We never moved into the Lincoln Place property because of our long range plans. We move to the Wilkinsburg, Pa. ten unit apartment complex at the end of 1978.

In 1969, I was asked to transfer to D.C. Motors & Generator Engineering and to devote all of my time to the development of the Mark III Brushless Excitation System. The previous 12 years I was working on the initial development of the Brushless Excitation (Mark I and Mark II), Hydro Generators, Synchronous Condensors, High Frequency Generators, Permanent Magnet Generators, Turbine Generators, Trident Generators (for US Navy), Sonar Prototype High Frequency Motor/Generator Set and responsible for the computer design programs. In 1980, it was announced that the 70,000 work force located at East Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, Pa. would be out of work unless they were invited to move to the new international office in Orlando, Fla. and/or two manufacturing facilities located in Southeastern United States. 68,000 people would be out of the Westinghouse future plans. We were given 3 years to make up our minds. Also, part of the 1980 announcement was that I would be transferred into the Development Engineering Department.

We told Arthur and Blanche Wolford that if they were willing to move closer to were we lived which was 60 miles from where they were living, I would not accept the transfer to Orlando, and I would find another job. That way when the time came that they might need help on a daily basis, it would be better. They decided they didn't want to move closer to us or to Florida even though Arthur was 86 years old at the time, and would eventually need help. So, in June of 1983, we moved to Orlando. In June of 1984, Arthur and Blanche came to Orlando to visit us. Arthur and Blanche said they really liked Palm Valley Adult Park where we were living, and would like to move into the Park. As we said to them in 1983 before we moved, we were willing to pack their things, make arrangements for moving, and help them find a home, and unpack their things and put them in order of them. A home next door to us was for sale. The people had only lived there for 5 months and had a change of plans so the home was like new. The day before Arthur and Blanche left to go home, Arthur asked us to contact he Realtor for the price, etc. When he called us that evening to tell us they got home O.K., he said to forget about calling the Realtor because Blanche had changed her mind on the way home, and decided she didn't want to move anywhere. Blanche, Arthetta's step-mother died in 1990.

On December 1, 1990, I retired from Westinghouse after 33 years of service because of the following 5 reasons: (1) Westinghouse promises were not being implemented (2) Major reduction in the number of employees occurred in Orlando during the 7 of the 8 years (1983-1990) (3) Loss of confidence in leadership (4) Increased office tension (5) Deterioration of Arthetta's health. She had already had 6 major surgeries and had other health problems as explained in VII A.

VII Retirement Years

A. Arthetta's Health
In Section VI D. above, I gave 5 reasons for my early retirement at age 58. In 1982 we started seeing upper body changes plus experiencing constant back pain. Arthetta's osteoarthritis, which she had since 1985, was getting worse. We also knew about the cataract, vitreous detachment (pre-retina total failure), hiatal hernia, etc., which along with the 6 major surgeries were causing pre-aging, but when the pain became very severe and other symptoms were developing, our doctor wanted more tests done. After many tests over a period of several months, our doctor agreed with us that we should have an opinion from Shands Hospital in Gainsesville, Florida. the many specialists in Orlando who did the tests were not agreeing on the diagnosis. We went to Shands and after more tests and a muscle biopsy, it was agreed that Arthetta had Muscular Dystrophy. None of the previous specialists had mentioned this diagnosis. On March 9, 1994, the specialists at Shands told us that the were sure they were correct in their diagnosis, but it was confirmed when the muscle biopsy was done on April 15, 1994. The type of M.D. that Arthetta has is FSH-- Facioscapulahumeral. The biopsy result showed that 95% of all muscle was gone. On 4/14/98 she had the Mastectomy on the right side. She lost use of her right arm when they removed 13 lymph nodes. On 4/2/03 the Mastectomy on the left side occurred. While on SOWERS assignment during January 2001 she started falling with no warning. On 10/23/02 her first stress heart attack occurred and on 10/27/03 the second stress attack occurred. In 2003 her feet and hands started with spasms and she was unable to care for herself. The Specialist says that Arthetta will lose her ability to think, speak, blink and the ability to move her eyes. Her ability to think and speak in 2005 are already affected. Death will come from heart and/or lung failure. So the decision to take early retirement from Westinghouse was a good one.

B. Volunteer Work
Our involvement in the SOWERS (Servants On Wheels Ever Ready SOWERS), Loaves and Fishes, and The Bible League provides that glimpse of joy that we both need. You see God at work right tin front of you. I see Arthetta learning daily to rely more on our Lord Jesus. She always, at least as long as we have been together, spent time in God's Word, but never like she has in the past five years. After eleven years, because of Arthetta falling with no warning, in 2001 we resigned from SOWERS and purchased our home at [Private]. We continued with our permanent home in Florida until June 2004. Arthetta was no longer able to travel.

VIII Summary

A. Exciting events
There must be at least 50 stories that I could tell about how God has touched me. I'll only list 18.
1. Living in Chicago
2. Microwave/Arthur Godfrey's TV Show
3. Mate selection and marriage.
4. Navy Life
5. College Life
6. Gorden, [Private]'s birth and dedication to the Lord
7. Investment Challenges
8. Church Memberships
9. Political Life
10. Gorden, [Private]'s Lip Problem
11. Westinghouse Travel and Education
12. Orlando Transfer
13. Gorden, [Private]'s Move to Orlando
14. Ladder Failure Experience
15. Preparation/Decision for Retirement
16. Arthetta's Health Concerns
17. The Gideons International Experiences
18. SOWERS Volunteer Project Experiences

B. Conclusions
1. After reading this description of Dale I Gorden's life, I realized I can't paint a clear picture as I would like to. Be assured that I forgave my parents for not wanting me. They have acknowledged this fact. I have also forgiven them for their mistreatment of me. In spite of these things, I will always love them. I have so many "Why" questions for my Lord.

2. My Prayer continues to be that Gorden, [Private] knows that his parents love and will continue to love him, Gorden, [Private] and all of the his children equally without favor. We have tried very hard to meet our responsibilities as Grandparents. No favoritism has been or will be shown to any of our grandchildren. We believe that it is one of the worst things parents and grandparents can do--to show favoritism.

Prior to Gorden, [Private]'s birth, Arthetta and I promised God that we would train and provide resources for him to be God's servant in any way God willed. We dedicated Gorden, [Private] to the Lord when he was 3 months old. We continue as of this writing to meet his promise. I believe we have done our best. We also pray for Gorden, [Private] and his family more than once each day. It is very hard for parents to know if more could have been done to equip an individual on how to problem solve and to think on one's feet. I know Gorden, [Private] was confused for a long time about my love for him and his accomplishments in school During the earlier years, I must not have communicated my true feelings about my love for him. I have always loved Gorden, [Private] very much and acknowledged his good grades in school, but all I expected was for him to do his best whatever that was. As a father, I might say to myself that I fell short if I had not spent so many hours in prayer for him, and also shed the many tears that I have, that he didn't know about until now, during the time he was hurting physically and otherwise. This praying and shedding of tears will continue for as long as I live unless I am physically unable to do so.

It is a terrible feeling to look back and say, "If only we had done..." To prepare a child to live in this sinful world, to prepare a child to live a Christian life that makes a difference, to prepare child to select a Christian wife for the Pastor's life, and to prepare for managing a congregation is very difficult. We did a lot of praying about these things when Gorden, [Private] was growing up, and tried very hard to do our best. Gorden, [Private] knows that our love overflows for him, and we are on our knees each day in prayer for him.

3. There are many things that I did while under my parent's roof that really scare me, and I know without a doubt that God had plans for me in later years. I pray that our grandchildren will never have to experience a life like their Grandfather Gorden did, and that they will have a crucified, broken heart for serving Jesus Christ and that self-sufficiency will never interfere with their spiritual growth.

4. I am thankful that God looks at me and likes what HE sees, not because of anything that I've accomplished, but because of what Jesus Christ accomplished on the cross. His death and resurrection have made me acceptable.


Signed Dale I. Gorden
Dated 6/7/06



Dear Johannah,
Tears of joy flowed when your Daddy told us that you have the spiritual understanding and have accepted Jesus Christ as your LORD and Savior. This is always a joyous time for those who love the Lord. Did you know that about 80% of those claiming Jesus as Lord have a problem of unfruitfulness as is mentioned in Matthew 21:18-20? When you love HIM you joyfully bear fruit, and serve HIM as we find in Matthew 7:15-23 and John 15:1-5.
We have prayed for this great day since your Mommy and Daddy notified us of our becoming Grandparents. So we now see GOD answering one more of our prayers. This truly is he greatest joy one can receive and know that one more of our family has accepted the Lord and will be with us while we serve GOD throughout eternity.
You are now one of GOD's warriors. The war is against the "old nature" by our "new nature". The old nature (habits and human characteristics) will war against your new nature (Fruit of The Spirit - See Galatians 5:22-26). Christians make themselves look good on the outside by doing so many things to their appearance but we must work each day on what we look at (T.V., Books etc.), what we listen to (radio, what our friends tell us ex. gossip, Jokes etc.) and what we think about. Matthew 23:13-36 tells us what we should guard against, keeping in mind that God sees your heart. Each Christian is to look closely at their motives, urges, memories, and attitudes. Once we have done this we will find our cup and dish clean on the inside.
[W?]e have been a child of GOD for fifty years but no one told us how to "walk the walk" with Jesus and have each year's experience a "closer and richer" one. Some of the "Spiritual Tools" that we have found helpful will not stop you from sinning (stumbling) at times but you will stop sinning habitually. You will be closer to Jesus in many ways. Jesus knows your strengths and weaknesses. You are now indwelt with the Holy Spirit and nothing can separate you from the love of Jesus. With much love we are now listing what we find very important in our daily walk with God. No matter how old you are you will find life full of trials and tribulations with many "pot holes" that one can fall into when we take our eyes off Jesus. No matter how deep and difficult we find the valley experience Jesus Is Always There With Us.

"Grandma & Grandpa Gorden's Helps"

I Fellowship With Our Lord in Prayer Daily.
A. Repent Of All Sins Daily
B. Put On The Full Armor Of God (Ephesians 6:10-20) Daily.
1. Refer To Attached Prayer We Use Daily
2. Refer To "Winning The War Within" By Charles Stanely.
C. Salvation and Physical Healing For Those On "Daily Prayer List".
II Read And Study Of Both Old & New Testaments Daily.
III Self Evaluation Of Christian Character Daily.
A. Strengths/Weaknesses.
B. Plan For Year And Goal Review.
1. Plan Of Action For Christian Growth.
2. Completion Date -Evaluation.
3. List Areas of Completion And Any Action Required.
4. List Areas Where GOD Is Not First.
5. Set Priorities Of Obedience And Dependance Which Are Essential To Real Change.
6. Ask The Tough Questions And Face The Hard Issues So That You Do Not Miss A Transforming Encounter With God.
7. Be Honest And Look At What Is Happening In Your Life With GOD.
C. Mirror Vision Test
1. Deal With The Fact That You Are Saved From The Penalty And Power Of Sin (The Old Nature) Must Be Remembered.
2. Look Closely At Your Motives, Urges, Memories, And Attitudes. (Deep Longings And Wrong Strategies Are Seen In Jeremiah 2:13).
3. Be Sure That You Are Not Just Coping With Life. Changing As Jesus Describes It Involves More Than Cleaning Up Your Visible Act. Jesus Tells Us To Climb Down Into The Sewers And Do Something About The Filth Beneath The Concrete (Dark Regions Of Our Soul). Jesus Wants Us To Face Reality As It Is, Including Fears, Hurts, Resentments, Self Protecting Motives That We Work Hard To Keep Out Of Sight And To Emerge As Changed People. Most Of Us Insulate Ourself From The Feedback Of Others Who Find Us Unloving And We Deny The Evidence In Our Soul, That More Is Wrong Than We Know How To Handle.

There is much more that could be said but you should know that each day we hold you and your family up in prayer, that what you experience as a new Christian others have had the same problems. Don't look to man as a hero or a "Great Example". because man/woman will mess up a one car funeral. Only Jesus is to be your "Great Example". Only with the Holy Spirit guiding and warning you of danger, only with God's word defending, comforting, teaching and prevailing against the power of the devil and Jesus interceding for you each day, will you have that joy of hearing Jesus say Well Done My Good And Faithful Servant.
With much love we send this letter. Pray for us each day. We are no different than you Johannah, we are no better than you. We are down the pathway of life farther than you and this letter is full of one thing that is love for our Granddaughter who has been blessed with God's Greatest Gift which is SALVATION.
Love In Christ Jesus,
[Missing Text. Would be signed "Grandpa and Grandma Gorden" or something similar.]


"Prayer Partner Letter No. 4" 7/11/94

Dear Ones,

Since the 5/18/94 update we have lived in clinics, therapy centers, doctor's offices and hospitals. A "base of tests" have been completed for future reference as Arthetta's body adjust to the termini changes of Muscular Dystrophy. The "LIMITED THERAPY" (Physical and Occupational) consist of how to do various movements with the minimum of pain. Keep in mind that pain is being caused by Osteoarthritis, Rupture Of Five Spinal Discs, and Muscular Dystrophy. Presently she is wearing a Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) Unit for pain relief. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday she will be at the Florida Hospital Rehabilitation Center for some "limited" therapy. We Received good news that steroid medication would not be given. My/Our request from you is to pray daily for Arthetta with regard to God's Will for the following: 1.) Healing 2.) Pain Relief, and 3.) Being Able To Cope. We thank our Lord and Savior each day for so many things but you can be assured that the prayer partners are on the top of the thank you list.

We have been in much prayer about what should we do no that the tests are over until sometime in 1995. We are sure God wants us to to our best for Him so on July 18, we will start our travels to the North. After many rest stops we will get some grandchildren and children therapy. We just heard last week that in Feb. 95 we will be grandparents again. You see God just keeps filling [Began underlining] our [Ended underlining] cups daily. I will complete two volunteer assignments with SOWERS (Servants On Wheels Ever Ready Servants) in PA. and Virginia (If God Wills It). We plan on returning to Florida Oct 3. Again if God wills it, I will do one more SOWER project in November 94.

If any of you have any questions about what information is listed in this letter just ask. Our mail will be forwarded to us. Love you all in the name of our Savior Jesus Christ.

In His Arms,

Dale I. Gorden [In cursive]

P.S. Arthetta will not be working on the SOWER projects so she asked that the letter show that she was not working on the various projects.



Dear ____,

Greetings in the precious name of JESUS CHRIST. GOD continues to be so very good to Arthetta and I. We both turn 70 years old this year. It is so exciting to start our last 50 years on this earth unless GOD has other plans. We never miss praying for you. Our goal is to alway stay focused on serving and glorifying our LORD JESUS. [Began underlining] We have found that the greatest adversity produces the greatest blessings. James 1:2 has truly become very vivid in our life. [Ended underlining] On Page 2 of this "Christmas Letter" is our favorite legend. We give it to you for your [Began underlining] daily encouragement [Ended underlining] source. Arthetta's Mom read this story to their three girls 68 years ago. The older we get the more we experience and many of these same experiences direct us to inter-related experiences. As an example of this fact we will use Arthetta's experience with Muscular Dystrophy (M.D.).

1. Year 1982 - We started seeing upper body changes plus experiencing constant back pain.
2. Year 1990 - Dale took early retirement at age 58 due to this concern.
3. Year 1990 - We resigned after 18 years with the Gideons Intl. We joined the Servants On Wheels Ever Ready Servant [First letter of each word underlined] (SOWERS) organization. Both organizations were [Began underlining] great spiritual highs. [Ended underlining] [Began underlining] What a Joy. [Ended underlining]
4. Year 1992 - Arthetta was diagnosed with M.D. (F.S.H. Type). 95% of all her body muscle was gone based on biopsy.
5. Year 1994 - Sold the Airstream/Suburban Tow Vehicle and purchased a Motorhome (M.H.) because of two reasons: (a.) Arthetta's loss of muscle caused severe pain in her arm sockets. (b.) Arthetta's need to exercise while traveling.
6. Year 2000 - Sold our Florida home and moved into M.H.
7. Year 2001 - Arthetta fell 4 times with no known reason. Four major changes resulted from these falls: (a) Resigned from SOWERS after eleven plus [Began underlining] great [Ended underlining] years. (b.) Sold M.H. (c.). Purchased home at (126 College View Blvd. Westminster, MD) GOD willing we'll be here May [Began underlining] Thru [Ended underlining] October. (d.) Purchased/Built home on R.V. Lot #660 in Apopka, FL. GOD willing we'll be here November [Began underlining] Thru [Ended underlining] April.
8. Year 2002 - October 22, Arthetta experienced permanent damage from an M.D. Stress Attack resulting in 75% Loss of all strength.

Arthetta's fourth cancer surgery will occur 12/18/02. Jesus is in the valleys and mountain tops. [Began underlining] Arthetta is my hero. [Ended underlining]


[Second page is missing]



We covet your prayers for Arthetta. At age of 50 years (1982) she started seeing the effects of M.D. (Type FSH) and in 1992 Shands Medical Center found she had lost 95% of her muscle in body. To this day she has various changes occurring. Prayers of the family of Jesus Christ is [Began underlining] all [Ended underlining] that makes it possible for her to cope. GOD is so good to us.

In addition to the M.D. Arthetta has experienced the following.

1. 1998 - 1st Mastectomy with loss of right arm and loss of immune system. [Note: This means that the movement of her arm and the here immune system were both impeded]
2. 2001 - Started falling without known cause.
3. 2002 - 1st Heart Attack and Loss of Swallowing Abiltity. [Note: Grandma's swallowing was made very difficult, but not impossible. She continued eating on her own until shortly before she died.]
4. 2003 - 2nd Mastectomy.
5. 2003 - 2nd Heart Attack.
6. 2003 - Arms and Legs Spasms.

Starting in 1982 and each year there after, tests show her chest cavity to get smaller which affects her lungs and heart. I did fail to list the 1991 stroke she experienced.

Please understand we are [Began underlining] not [Ended underlining] complaining about any of these changes. Our Lord Jesus is the one that suffered for us big time. We just ask for a few moments each day of your time. We thank you and may GOD BLESS [Possible missing text from photocopying]



Dear One's,

Greetings in the Precious Name Of Jesus Christ. Thank HIM And Praise Him For [Began underlining] All Our [Ended underlining] Trials. We have it so good here in America. I haven't forgotten all that Sharlene and Arthetta deal with daily. Each day I thank our Triune GOD for [Began underlining] each [Ended underlining] day we have together and for the coping strength He provides each day Psalm 34:9, 10. Between 1980 and 1990 we were blessed with around 800 Chinese Engineers (students) to instruct on design procedure and manufacture of electrical equipment plus qualification testing of two different designs. The students were in our homes both in Pittsburgh, PA and Orlando, FL. In addition, while in China (4 Trips) I had the privilege of being in several homes, taking them to church with me, and listening to their life experiences. I also had a 45 minute interview with two Pastors from the Shanghai Community Church and Harbin Community Church. To be protected, while doing my ob, I had to do several things.

1. Attend 6 months of Westinghouse/China Contract Rule Classes
2. Be Anointed By The Elders Of Our Church.
3. Attended one week of Missionary Outreach Instructions in Hong Kong, China.

Keep in mind that all of my daily lecture classes were witnessed by a Communist Leader. No proselyting was permitted.

I shipped large boxes of Bibles wrapped in Christmas wrapping to several students but I could [Began underlining] not [Ended underlining] carry them on my person. The Chinese students were very interested in Americans partly due to China dealt with Russia for all outside contracts until 1980. Many of my student's parents and friends were teachers and professional types. They were hit hard. Several were in prison, lost family, lost their minds and those that loved the Lord really suffered. Sen Liang Wei's Mother worked for Missionaries in the 1940's. I got her a full bible after being without one for 10 years. All students were interested in my life. During our lecture [Began wiggly underlining] breaks [Ended wiggly underlining] the students asked me such questions as "What is Dale excited about daily?" I could then tell them about my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I never tried to get into a House Church. I had a chauffeur driven care available for my use and I could take the students with me to church. They had never been in church. Billy Graham preached at the Shanghai Community Church which held 2000 people (during 1984). I could tell you [Began underlining] a lot [Ended underlining] of experiences with the 1980-1990 China Training Opportunity. Neal, I do confirm that similar stories were told to me by my students. Just wanted to let you know that the book, you sent us "The Heavenly Man" is consistent with the facts I received. Thank You All. We read on a regular basis. I say [Began underlining] we [Ended underlining] but I do the reading because of Arthetta's health. On 10/21/05 I got a head/chest cold that required Medical Doctor's support. A week later Arthetta experienced the same. Alfie had an Impacted Tooth removed so we are recovering.

Thanks for [Began underlining] all [Ended underlining] prayers. [Began underlining] Love You All! [Ended underlining] In His Arms, Dale and Arthetta