Greetings, and welcome to this site! I began doing a little bit of research one day while I was thinking about my great-great-great-grandfather. According to my grandpa, the Wests had all come from Texas and he talked about visiting his grandfather, Samuel Adam West on the farm. From what I recalled, he also said that his great-grandfather was Samuel Houston West. I was curious so I did do some basic research and found that indeed he was my great-great-great-grandfather and he was in the Confederate Army and served in the Mississippi Cavalry.

This launched an excursion to find out my own background: where I came from, who my ancestors were. Thankfully I was able to recover a lot of photos and information from family files and from others online.

All the information is as accurate as I can tell. I gathered some from but as the information on there is often quite wrong. I was as careful as I could be, which is why records generally go back only to the 4th greats: that's as far back as census records go.

I hope you enjoy looking through everything and feel free to ask me questions!

-Logan West west <dot> logan <at> gmail <dot> com