Gorden, William Lafayette

Birth Name Gorden, William Lafayette
Gender male
Age at Death 59 years, 8 months, 19 days


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1871-05-20 Indiana, USA Birth of Gorden, William Lafayette  
Death 1931-02-08 Michigan City, LaPorte, Indiana, USA Death of Gorden, William Lafayette  
Event Note

In the Greenwood Cemetary computerized listing, William L. Gorden's date of death is 1931-02-15.

Burial 1931-02-17 Michigan Township, LaPorte, Indiana, USA Burial of Gorden, William Lafayette  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Gorden, Galatia1837-04-031923-08-31
Mother Coffman, Maria Ann1850-09-071931-05-22
    Sister     [Living], [Living]
         Gorden, William Lafayette 1871-05-20 1931-02-08
    Brother     Gorden, Albert Leonard 1877-10-26 1957-02-26
    Brother     Gorden, George Edward 1887-01-10 1899-12-12
    Brother     Gorden, Robert 1891-03-11 1891-09-28
    Sister     Gorden, Daisy May 1892-06-22 1967-05-15


Family of Gorden, William Lafayette and Sinton, Minnie Laura

Married Wife Sinton, Minnie Laura ( * 1870-01-11 + 1963-05-10 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1900-09-02   Marriage of Gorden, William and Sinton, Minnie  
Name Birth Date Death Date
Gorden, Bernita1901-10-141923-02-01
Gorden, Thurl David1903-07-231984-08-03
Gorden, Emanuel G.1905-08-031972-12-00
Gorden, Israel C.1907-01-172001-08-02


William Gorden was an evangelist, they called him a church planter. He traveled around a lot on horseback in northern Indiana.

Information courtesy of Gorden, [Private]


"I didn't know Grandpa Gorden, but we were all raised with Grandma Gorden in our lives. Grandpa was first a Captain in the Salvation Army and left the Army when he married Grandma because an Army officer must marry another SA officer. He later became a minister in the Church of the Brethren. This is the denomination I still belong to. I'm the only one of the grandchildren who has stayed with this denomination except Jean Gorden Ulery, who passed away a couple years ago. She lived in Seattle, WA. Grandpa died when I was one week old of blood poisoning. Grandma lived until I was in my 20's (1962) and passed away of old age and a heart condition in her 80's. Grandma had a “stiff leg” caused by TB of the bone when she was 19. They didn't meet and marry until she was 30. He was 28."

This information courtesy of one of Israel Gorden's children.


"...my younger years as a clergyman of the Church of the Brethren, as was my father Israel and his father, William, for whom I was named. That was before my beliefs evolved from religious to non-religious. I wrote a history for my two daughter titled 'Our Father Not In Heaven."

Courtesy of Gorden, [Private]


George E. Sinton was listed on the 1920 Federal Census as William Lafayette's brother-in-law, living with William Lafayette and Minnie Laura. He was 52 years old, and is listed as having no occupation.