Duncan, Ellen Harriet

Birth Name Duncan, Ellen Harriet
Gender female
Age at Death 87 years, 11 months, 9 days


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1915-03-16 San Diego, San Diego, California, USA Birth of Duncan, Ellen  
Death 2003-02-25 Bodega Bay, Sonoma, California, USA Death of Duncan, Ellen  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Duncan, Elmo Floyd1882-10-221973-10-05
Mother Machado, Kathleen1884-04-301920-03-04
    Sister     Duncan, Rose Claudia 1907-10-30 1928-10-04
    Brother     Duncan, Henry Paul 1909-04-20 1972-11-20
    Sister     Duncan, Hazel Mary 1909-04-20 1934-08-22
    Brother     Duncan, Ralph John 1913-06-23 1983-01-03
    Brother     Duncan, Allen Lee 1915-03-16 1917-06-17
         Duncan, Ellen Harriet 1915-03-16 2003-02-25


Family of Smith, Jack Matthew and Duncan, Ellen Harriet

Married Husband Smith, Jack Matthew ( * 1910-05-10 + ... )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage   San Fransisco, California, USA Marriage of Smith, Jack and Ellen  
Name Birth Date Death Date
[Living], [Living]
[Living], [Living]

Family of McGuire, Robert and Duncan, Ellen Harriet

Married Husband McGuire, Robert ( * + ... )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage   Reno, Washoe, Nevada, USA Marriage of McGuire, Red and Ellen  


San Diego - (Mother died in 1920). These are the only pictures available before we moved to San Pasqual. Two half sisters Laura and Minnie had pictures of Mother but I never saw them (or the sisters after they moved from San Pasqual in the early 20's). We had a fire which burned everything except a few pictures which Henry stored and forgot. (I never could find what happened to them).
Dad's mother lived to 89. Rose died just before her 21st birthday. Hazel died when her 3rd boy born. Dad lived to 2 weeks short of 91. Henry was 62 when he died one year before Dad did. - Ellen Duncan