Batson, Mae Marlene

Birth Name Batson, Mae Marlene
Call Name Mae
Gender female
Age at Death 88 years, 6 months, 16 days


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1932-07-18 Andulusia, Covington, Alabama, USA Birth of Batson, Mae Marlene  
Death 2021-02-03 Franklin, Macon, North Carolina, USA Death of Batson, Mae  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Batson, Curtis Franklin1910-09-172008-05-20
Mother Durham, Hassie Jewell1914-11-272002-04-10
         Batson, Mae Marlene 1932-07-18 2021-02-03
    Brother     [Living], [Living]
    Sister     [Living], [Living]
    Brother     Batson, Harold Curtis about 1936 2018-10-06


Family of Davis, Clarence Clifford and Batson, Mae Marlene

Married Husband Davis, Clarence Clifford ( * 1925-12-15 + 1960-07-22 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1949-06-24 Folkston, Charlton, Georgia, USA Marriage of Davis, Clarence Clifford and Batson, Mae Marlene  
Name Birth Date Death Date
[Living], [Living]
[Living], [Living]
[Living], [Living]

Family of [Living], [Living] and Batson, Mae Marlene

Married Husband [Living], [Living] ( * + ... )
Name Birth Date Death Date
[Living], [Living]
[Living], [Living]


Honeymooned in the Florida Keys. While there did some sight seeing, some SCUBA diving, some snorkeling, got a little sunburned and ate at a number of interesting restaurants. Also went bone fishing on the flats.



Hannah, thank you and Logan for the nice anniversary card. It was very thoughtful of you. We have now shared 53 years, and watched our family grow......and grow! We now have 13 great grandchildren and another little one (your's and Logan's) on the way. You have a beautiful family.
On our Anniversary we first went to church, and then down into Georgia, first for lunch and then on to see a friend who has had a stroke. It was a nice quiet day. Love, Grandmother O


Mae Marlene Batson Osborne
By News Staff on Tuesday, February 9, 2021

FRANKLIN – Some people enjoy life to the fullest, and Mae Marlene Batson Osborne, who passed on Feb. 3, 2021, was one of them. She lived an interesting life and delighted in many different experiences.

Mae, who was born on July 18, 1932, was not one to sit and watch life go by. She wanted to be in the middle of it and stayed active, enjoying hiking and snorkeling. She could always find an adventure, whether it be in the mountains or at the beach. One extra memorable experience was when Mae and her husband, Dick, visited Europe. Traveling on the autobahn with Dick as her chauffeur was very exciting as they drove on the world famous road with no speed limits and a suggested minimum speed of 80 mph.

Mae, however, also enjoyed being a homebody. She was creative and had many skills. She was a doll maker and a seamstress along with being able to knit beautiful pieces. Mae took pleasure in cooking, preparing delicious meals for family and friends. She was just a solid lady who was a wonderful friend to many as well as a caring and devoted wife, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother.

Mae loved the written word. She preferred nonfiction, but she was also a fan of Pat Conroy and John Grisham. Not only did she enjoy reading, she also wrote several short stories about her family and was the author of a novel.

Fellow members of Walnut Creek Baptist Church were like family to Mae. Her church was very important to her, and if the service contained her favorite hymn, “The Old Rugged Cross,” she felt extra blessed.

Left with many wonderful memories are her husband, Richard “Dick” William Osborne; her children, Curtis C. Davis (Jan), Janet M. Patterson (David), Charles C. Davis (Francisca), Heather A. Gordon (Terry) and Ozzie Osborne (Suzy); 11 grandchildren, 14 great-grandchildren; two nieces; her sister-in-law, Byna; and a number of great friends.

Mae was predeceased by her parents, Curtis Franklin Batson and Hassie Jewel Durham Hughes, and her brother, Curtis “Buddy” Batson.

A memorial service will be held at a later date.

Moffitt Family Funeral Care is serving Mrs. Osborne and her family. Condolences may be made at


Steps in my life that I believe God led me to take that brought me to a widow, Mae Marlene Batson Davis

1. My parents bought a camp on the Salmon River Reservoir at Redfield, New York. There we met Fay and Loris Blade who became known as “Aunt Loris” and “Uncle Fay”.
2. The Blades retired to Union Park, Florida and were followed soon after by my Mom and Dad.
3. After finishing my four years in the Navy, I got an Associates Degree in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration. I had several jobs in HVAC and Plumbing, I was getting nowhere. I got the Flu (again), the ice ruts in the streets were 6" deep and the weather was bad, I bought a tow bar and two of my friends headed to Florida with my car with my truck in tow. Adrian and Bill were in another car.
4. I went to work with an engineering firm (29 years) and needed something to do in my spare time, so I saw an ad in the Orlando Sentinal saying Scuba Diving Lessons $10.00. I DID IT!! After finishing the lessons, I stayed on with the instructor to help him with future classes.
5. Then guess what, along came Eva Rosenbaum and Mae Davis. They were Red Cross Swimming Instructors wanting to expand their education.
6. During the class and on diving trips Mae and I became friends. As it turned out we lived only 1 1/2 miles apart. So I began stopping by her house. Mae was a widow with three young children. Bowling, trips to the beach, eating out, movies were enjoyed by all.
7. Soon we realized we were meant for each other and were married on November 30, 1961 (one of the best days of my life). There is a picture of the five of us in front of Downey Memorial Church.
8. Mae was Mae---the best thing that ever happened to me. Our life together was normal but it was great!!

[earlier draft]
God's Plan that shaped our lives
1. Parents (mom & dad) bought a camp
2. Met "Uncle" Fay & "Aunt" Loris Blade---Became friends.
3. Blades moved to Florida & were followed soon after by Mom & Dad
4. Due to circumstances, Relocated to Florida (Feb 1960)
5. Found ad in paper---Scuba Diving Lessons $10.00. Took class and stayed on to assist instructor
6. Mae Marlene Batson Davis and Eva Rosenbaum came to the class, Mae and Eva were Red Cross instructors. Mae was a widow with three small children.
7. Mae & I lived 1 1/2 miles apart & I started visiting their house. Gradually we realized that we were meant for each other and were married on November 30, 1961
8. Our life had its ups and downs but it was a great life. I would not have traded it for anything.
9. If any one of the steps listed above were not taken the lives of the Osborne/Davis family would not be where they are today.

--Richard Osborne (Logan West obtained handwritten notes in June 2021, for memorial service)