Dubose, Nancy L.

Birth Name Dubose, Nancy L.
Call Name Annie, Nan, Granny
Gender female
Age at Death 95 years, 8 months, 12 days


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1884-07-21 Coffee, Alabama, USA Birth of Dubose, Nancy L. "Annie"  
Death 1980-04-02 Pensacola, Escambia, Florida, USA Death of Dubose, Nancy L. "Annie"  
Burial 1980-04-00 Gonzalez, Escambia, Florida, USA Buriel of Dubose, Nancy L.  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father DuBose, Jeptha James1845-05-171922-02-05
Mother Butts, Elizabeth18451886-04-15
    Sister     DuBose, Mandy 1867
    Sister     DuBose, Alabama Claudia 1869 1910
    Brother     DuBose, William Henry 1874
    Brother     DuBose, Thomas J 1877
    Brother     DuBose, John P. or F. 1879
    Sister     DuBose, Leona Fannie 1883
         Dubose, Nancy L. 1884-07-21 1980-04-02


Family of Williams and Dubose, Nancy L.

Unmarried Partner Williams ( * + ... )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Dubose, Lesterabout 1903about 1940

Family of Batson, George Washington and Dubose, Nancy L.

Married Husband Batson, George Washington ( * 1885-10-07 + 1963-08-22 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1907-02-10 Covington, Alabama, USA Marriage of Batson, George Washinton and Dubose, Nancy L. "Annie"  
Event Note

Information from Myrtice Lucile Batson, courtesy of [Elliott], Private:

"...I did find a list of birthdates she [Myrtice] had written down and I thought your granddaughter might could use them. They’re correct, as far as I know.

Mama & Papa married 2-10-07
James Earl Batson born 11-29-07
Curtis F. Batson 9-17-09
Myrtice Lucile Batson 1-29-11
Ross Batson 3-4-14
Nola Vera Batson 12-20-16
Mildred Ellen Batson 8-6-18
Thelma Lessie Batson 12-5-19
Clara Mae Batson 6-15-21
Mattie Lucile Batson 5-10-24

She wrote this down in 1983; I guess they were having one of their discussions about age. She didn’t make note of the twins or the ones who died in infancy. I know Nola always claimed 12-10 and wasn’t sure of the year."

Event Note

Married February 8, 1907 in Covington County, Alabama by Elder R.R Bracewell. Information courtesy of Robert Bradley, who received it from Claudia Adams in Northwest Florida.

Divorce 1936   Divorce of Batson, George Washinton and Dubose, Annie  
Name Birth Date Death Date
[Living], [Living]
Batson, Beatrice
Batson, Lena Mae
Batson, Twin (Died at birth)
Batson, Twin (Died at birth)
Batson, James Earl1907-11-291982-09-00
Batson, Curtis Franklin1910-09-172008-05-20
Batson, Myrtice Lucile1911-01-291999-08-16
Batson, Ross Dewight1914-03-041970-02-13
Batson, Nola Vera1916-12-202010-08-26
Batson, Mildred Ellen1918-08-061955
Batson, Thelma Lessie1919-12-052010-05-00
Batson, Mattie Lucile1924-05-102009


Both of Annie's parents were down on the 1920 Federal Census as being born in Alabama.


"...The children of grandmother and grandpa [George Washington Batson and Annie Dubose] that I knew of were...Earl, Curtis Franklin, Nola, Myrtis, Ross, (who may have been older than Nola. He was a surviving twin), Mildred, Thelma (She was a surviving twin) Clara Mae and Mattie. (Grandmother had two sets of twins, but only one of each set survived.) Grandmother also had a son before she married grandpa George. His name was Lester Dubose and he and his family lived in Escambia County in N. Florida. Uncle Lester was murdered by an old friend that was homeless and he had let him stay at his house...Probably in 1940-1942."

-Batson, [Private]


"...[Curtis Franklin Batson's] age seems right; his records show him as having been born in 1910, however, he claimed to have been born in 1909 and that the dates were mixed up. He never had a birth recorded until 1941 when he had to sign up for the draft in WWII. Of course he then had to get signatures to verify records, and many of them were guessed at. You know grandmother [Annie Dubose Batson] was a midwife, but very few records were kept back then. Grandmother could neither read nor write, she signed her name with an X. Did you know that her father was a French trapper and later a school teacher, who came through North Carolina and took a Cherokee wife, then moving on into Alabama? At one time they lived in Rome, Alabama, and also Atmore, Alabama. Grandmother had many of the Cherokee ways. She was the only "Doctor" our family knew until sometime in the 40s. I am sorry to say that I did not realize the importance of some of the herbs, salves, and other remedies that she practiced. Grandfather George's [George Washinton Batson's] father also was school teacher in Andalusia, Alabama. He served in the Confederate Army and lost an arm."

- Batson, [Private]


"Nancy was her name. She was a licensed midwife and became known (maybe because of her nephews and nieces) as Aunt Nan. By the time I came along she was calling herself Annie. We called her Granny. Keep in mind she could not read or write. She did learn to read a bit later in life but I wrote all of her letters and signed for things when I was a kid. She was unsure of the year of her birth and did not even know her father’s full name. She thought it was Shep or Jep or something like that ( Jeptha James DuBose). Yet what she did know…………. she definitely knew. She had a photographic memory for things she thought were important. And remembered best by storytelling..."

And, "Midwifes licence approved 9/23/1936"

Courtesy of Bob Bradley


Lester was the son of Nancy and a man named Williams, raised by Jeptha. Williams was killed in a railroad accident on way to marry Nancy.

~Bobby Bradley


Nancy and Leona Fannie (who married George Washington Batson's brother William) were sisters.