Henry, Edward Howard

Birth Name Henry, Edward Howard
Gender male
Age at Death 84 years, 3 months, 21 days


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1868-12-27 Clarion, Pennsylvania, USA Birth of Henry, Edward H.  
Death 1953-04-17 Harlingen, Cameron, Texas, USA Death of Henry, Edward H.  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Henry, Robert John1839-08-251916-07-20
Mother Henry, Margaret Elmira1840-04-081903-09-13
    Sister     Henry, Ella L. 1864-02-04 1913-07-09
         Henry, Edward Howard 1868-12-27 1953-04-17
    Sister     Henry, Jenny H. 1871-06-12
    Brother     Henry, Arnold 1874-03-29
    Brother     Henry, Frank M 1876-07-18 1950-09-13
    Sister     Henry, Anna Belle 1878-10-00 1957-04-19
    Sister     Henry, Mae 1884-05-00


Family of Henry, Edward Howard and Goodwin, Margaret Elizabeth

Married Wife Goodwin, Margaret Elizabeth ( * 1875-06-29 + 1965-03-17 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1896-09-09 Edina, Knox, Missouri, USA Marriage of Henry, Edward and Margaret  
Name Birth Date Death Date
Dr. Henry, Robert Glenn1898-12-281989-12-26
Henry, Esther Jane1905-12-211980
Henry, Ruth Janette1905-12-211997-03-05
Henry, Marvin Goodwin1910-03-251910-03-29
Henry, Edward1910-03-251983
Henry, Rosa Lee1910-03-251992-01-29


From the Deepwater World:
Dr. E.H. Henry who has been practicing dentistry in Deepwater for many years is retiring from the dental business. He will leave with his family for Mission Texas where they will make their home. Dr. Henry is associated with Marvin Goodwin in the real estate business on a large scale. The many friends and business associates of Dr. Henry and family regret to see them leave, but they have the best wishes of every one for success and happiness in their new location.

Dr. S. W. Lyman of Topeka Kansas has purchased the dental office of Dr. Henry and is well qualified to take charge of the large practice Dr. Henry has developed during his long period of business in this city. Dr. Lyman's intentions are to give his patrons the same high class work that they are accustomed to receive from Dr. Henry.

From the Kansas City Star:
Ed Henry, old time Spring Hill and Olathe boy, who has been practicing dentistry for years in Deepwater Mo. visited Olathe and Spring Hill friends the latter part of the week. In just a few days he expects to move to Mission Texas on the lower Rio Grande, where a company of 7 men have purchased 6200 acres of land fronting ton the coast. A narrow frontage however compared with the depth which they will develop. This tract of land on the MExican border is near Brownsville. A big irrigation system is being installed. They are selling tracts of from 10 to 20 acres for $1000.00 per acre to keep up the development for three years. Ed's particular work will be in the collection of water rights. Ed. is the elder son of R. J. Henry.


From the Deepwater World:
Twin girls were born to Dr. and Mrs. E. H. Henry last Thursday, and it was thought for a time that Deepwater was going to lose Grandpa Goodwin. He came up missing and the last we saw of him he was headed north with his hat in his hand, going at a two by four gait to break the news to Grandma. The Dr. was able to get down town Friday morning and received the congratulations of his friends. The little ladies weighed 8 1/4 lbs each.


From the Kansas City Star:
A Girl and 2 Boys THANK YOU
Deepwater Mo. triplets greeted by Kansas City Kansas doctor.
A hurry call took Dr. E. A. Reeves of 950 Ohio Ave. Kansas City Kansas to Deepwater Mo. 100 miles away Friday to be present at the arrival of triplets in the home of Dr. And Mrs. E. H. Henry. Dr. Reeves returned to Kansas City yesterday afternoon. "There were two boys and a girl" Dr. Reeves said. "The girl weighed 6 1/2 lbs. One boy weighed 6 lbs and the other 5 lbs. All were in good health when I left." Mrs. Henry is 35 years old. She has twin daughters 4 yrs. old and a son 12 yrs. old. Mrs. Henry is Mrs. Reeves sister. Dr. Henry is a dentist in Deepwater.
(note, Marvin Goodwin Henry lived only 4 or 5 days.) - Ruth Henry West


E.H. Henry was born in Clarion County Penn. Dec. 27 1868. his father, Robert John Henry thought the land was wearing out in Pennsylvania, so he loaded his family, household goods, farm animals, and farm equipment on box cars and moved to a farm near Springhill Kansas. He was 12 years old at the time of the move. He graduated from High School in Olathe Kansas and taught school three years to make money to attend Dental College. I have heard him say that Math was his best subject and when he would see the County School Supt. driving up in his horse and buggy, he immediately changed any class that he was teaching to a Math Class.

He attended and graduated from Kansas City Dental College in 1894. The summer after his Jr. year he came to Deepwater and with what he could carry in his satchel, did some dental work. He also rode horseback to small towns around. I remember him saying one time he forgot to get anything to eat before leaving and had 18 miles to ride. He stopped at a farm house and the lady gave him some side meat and corn bread. After riding off a ways he threw the corn bread away and ate the side meat. I think it was to let us know how much he disliked cornbread. He practiced dentistry in Deepwater 35 years. At that time dentists were supposed to retire at age 60 as they thought their hands were not as steady as they should be.

He was an elder for nearly 50 years and taught the High School age boys in the Presbyterian Sunday School.

E. H. Henry passed away April 19 1952 at the age of 84. - Ruth Henry West

Family Map

Family Map