Batson, Mattie Lucile

Birth Name Batson, Mattie Lucile
Gender female
Age at Death 84 years, 7 months, 22 days


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1924-05-10 Alabama, USA Birth of Batson, Mattie  
Event Note

Information from Myrtice Lucile Batson, courtesy of [Elliott], Private:

"...I did find a list of birthdates she [Myrtice] had written down and I thought your granddaughter might could use them. They’re correct, as far as I know.

Mama & Papa married 2-10-07
James Earl Batson born 11-29-07
Curtis F. Batson 9-17-09
Myrtice Lucile Batson 1-29-11
Ross Batson 3-4-14
Nola Vera Batson 12-20-16
Mildred Ellen Batson 8-6-18
Thelma Lessie Batson 12-5-19
Clara Mae Batson 6-15-21
Mattie Lucile Batson 5-10-24

She wrote this down in 1983; I guess they were having one of their discussions about age. She didn’t make note of the twins or the ones who died in infancy. I know Nola always claimed 12-10 and wasn’t sure of the year."

Event Note

According to information from Robert Bradley, Mattie's birthdate was 1924-05-15.

Death 2009   Death of Batson, Mattie L.  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Batson, George Washington1885-10-071963-08-22
Mother Dubose, Nancy L.1884-07-211980-04-02
    Brother     Batson, James Earl 1907-11-29 1982-09-00
    Brother     Batson, Curtis Franklin 1910-09-17 2008-05-20
    Sister     Batson, Myrtice Lucile 1911-01-29 1999-08-16
    Sister     Batson, Beatrice
    Sister     Batson, Lena Mae
    Brother     Batson, Ross Dewight 1914-03-04 1970-02-13
    Brother     Batson, Twin (Died at birth)
    Sister     Batson, Nola Vera 1916-12-20 2010-08-26
    Sister     Batson, Mildred Ellen 1918-08-06 1955
    Sister     Batson, Twin (Died at birth)
    Sister     Batson, Thelma Lessie 1919-12-05 2010-05-00
    Sister     [Living], [Living]
         Batson, Mattie Lucile 1924-05-10 2009