Berg, Adena Mary

Birth Name Berg, Adena Mary
Gender female
Age at Death 90 years, 11 months, 11 days


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1898-01-17 Anaheim, Orange, California, USA Birth of Berg, Adena  
Death 1988-12-28 Santa Clara, Santa Clara, California, USA Death of Berg, Adena  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Berg, Peter
Mother Wiens, Eva
         Berg, Adena Mary 1898-01-17 1988-12-28
    Brother     Berg, Isaac
    Brother     Berg, George 1944-08-00


Family of Teller, George W. III and Berg, Adena Mary

Married Husband Teller, George W. III ( * 1894-11-27 + 1971-08-05 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1916-01-03 Los Angeles, California, USA Marriage of Teller, George and Berg, Adena  
Divorce 1928 California, USA Divorce of Teller, George and Berg, Adena  
Name Birth Date Death Date
Teller, Glenn1916-07-161987-12-18
Teller, Hazel Anna1917-09-101999-03-19
Teller, Clarence William1919-06-301956-12-26
Teller, Clifford Bud1919-06-301997-07-24


Adena Teller, her sister, Francis Parsons & my brother, Glenn Tyler’s wife, Ruth was always so good to us as we were growing up. I remember when Adena & Ruth Tyler, came out to Hazelle Duncan's and took us out of school for the day. They took us to town in Turlock to buy some new school clothes. It meant so much to me at the time. They let us pick out anything we wanted, however, I didn't pick out much, because we never went to town to pick out "new" clothes. We were use to wearing hand me down clothes that were given to Hazelle from others, so this was a very special time for me.

I remember when we were very small, my mother, would visit with Adena in Modesto. Adena was always good to us and to our mother.

Another evening when I was small, my brother Clarence, came to pick us up and we went to Francis Parsons place in Modesto. We swam in the canal next to their ranch house out in the country. Later, all the kids went into the house and played together. She had twin sons who played the piano. They were so good & I was so impressed. I also wanted to play the piano, so I told them that I played also. They wanted me to play something, but of course I couldn’t, so I started telling them I had finished this piano book and that piano book and so on. I think they believed me, but I never had to actually play the piano that evening. I think someone called us in for some ice cream and cake, so that was the end of that. As we went back home along the old Highway 99, Clarence let me sit in his lap and he let me steer the car. It was so much fun. I loved that trip with him and the Parsons.

Through the years, after David & I were married, I often visited with Adena in her trailer in Modesto. She loved oriental food, so we would go out to eat at her favorite place.

When she was in the Bay area in an assistant living, I visited with her and stayed the night. I really enjoyed our visit, and she enjoyed having me there. It was a "Wonderful" visit. As we laid down for the evening, I could hear her saying her evening prays to the Lord. I was very impressed, but laid very still . That was the last time I saw her. She died shortly after that.

Many, many times when the Berg family members would gather, I have many Happy memories as the family would gather around the piano and sing gospel songs. I believe her sister, Francis, played the piano. I always enjoyed joining in on the singing with them and always felt a part of them at those moments. Through the years, I have been invited to attend the Berg Family reunions, and usually went with my cousin, Delmer Berg. - Arlene Teller Duncan