Family of Teller, George W. III and Berg, Adena Mary


Married Husband Teller, George W. III ( * 1894-11-27 + 1971-08-05 )
Married Wife Berg, Adena Mary ( * 1898-01-17 + 1988-12-28 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1916-01-03 Los Angeles, California, USA Marriage of Teller, George and Berg, Adena  
Divorce 1928 California, USA Divorce of Teller, George and Berg, Adena  
Name Birth Date Death Date
Teller, Glenn1916-07-161987-12-18
Teller, Hazel Anna1917-09-101999-03-19
Teller, Clarence William1919-06-301956-12-26
Teller, Clifford Bud1919-06-301997-07-24