Monts, Adam

Birth Name Monts, Adam
Gender male
Age at Death 95 years, 3 months, 13 days


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1798-08-20 Newberry, South Carolina, USA Birth of Monts, Adam  
Death 1893-12-02 Lee, Mississippi, USA Death of Monts, Adam  
Burial 1893 New Chapel Cemetery, Itawamba, Mississippi, USA Burial of Monts, Adam  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Monts, Gosper1753-01-26between 1810 and 1817
Mother Minnick, Anna Mary1768after 1850
         Monts, Adam 1798-08-20 1893-12-02


Family of Monts, Adam and Sease, Mary Elizabeth

Married Wife Sease, Mary Elizabeth ( * 1801-06-18 + 1889-03-14 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1820-02-22   Marriage of Monts, Adam and Sease, Mary Elizabeth  
Name Birth Date Death Date
Monts, William Anderson1820-09-281889-11-15
Monts, Mark1822-09-011908-12-15
Monts, Emily Ann1824-09-101888-06-18
Monts, Magdalin1826
Monts, John Robert18281858
Monts, J. Isaac1832-12-061924-05-07
Monts, Elizabeth1833
Monts, Louis Phillip1836-11-301866-02-09
Monts, Frances A.1838
Monts, Mary Ann1840-06-061924-10-19
Monts, Catherine C.1842-06-301927-08-01


Annals of Newberry, Chapman and O'Neall, 1894

Pg 621
It is a pleasure, a very great pleasure, to the historian, especially
if he is an old man like myself, to look back into the past and record
the deeds and fortunes of worthy men and their families. There is no
pleasure in life equal to it, especially if we know some of the people
of whom we write. It is like clothing in flesh and blood once more the
ghosts of the departed and talking with them face to face.

Caspar Monts came from Germany when quite young---time when unknown to
this writer. He married a Miss Minnick and settled near where John W.
Monts now lives (1892). He reared a family of four sons and two
daughters. Two of his sons died early; the other two, John and
William, married and reared large families. John's first wife was a
Miss Feagle, who brought him one son, Levi, and three daughters,
Sallie, Polly, and Mary. After her death he married a Miss Polly
Kinard, and to them were born two sons, Adam and G.M. Monts.

Levi Monts married a Miss Bowers and reared three daughters, Mrs. W.
C. Sheely, Mrs. John Schumpert, and Mrs. J.W. Dominick. Adam married a
Miss Mayer and has three sons and one daughter. G. M. Monts married
Miss Kate Feagle and has three daughters, Mrs. J. M. Sease and Misses
Mary and Bessie.

These three men have all acted their parts nobly. Levi is dead, but
he is yet remembered and is often mentioned as an upright, God-fearing
man. Adam Monts and G. M. are both what men should be---honest,
truthful, upright, and they have, of course, weight and influence in
the community in which they live.

William Monts married Miss Sheely and reared six sons and six
daughters. Four of these sons lost their lives in the late war; the
other two are living---John W. and Jacob.

John W. resides near the old homestead, a successful planter and a
courteous and hospitable gentleman. He married a Miss Counts and has
four children, Mrs. Johnson, of Kansas City, Mo.; Mami, Edward, and
Clarence. One still at the old homestead. Jacob Monts lives in
Richland County. Two of his daughters married Derricks,, one O.P.
Fulmer and another a Swindler. The record of the Monts family has
always been good.

Family Map

Family Map