Westbrook, Peninnah

Birth Name Westbrook, Peninnah
Gender female
Age at Death 81 years, 8 months, 22 days


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1852-07-01 Monroe, Mississippi, USA Birth of Westbrook, Peninnah  
Death 1934-03-23 Powell, Navarro, Texas, USA Death of Westbrook, Peninnah  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Westbrook, Zachariah1809-12-251878-02-01
Mother Agnew, Mary Z.1813-10-201896-05-25
    Brother     Westbrook, John Wesley 1837-05-01 1916-11-21
    Sister     Westbrook, Lucy J 1838 1862
    Brother     Westbrook, James Nelson 1840 1863
    Sister     Westbrook, Mary 1841-10-07 1873-06-23
    Brother     Westbrook, George Middleton 1844-08-17 1925-12-14
    Sister     Westbrook, Margaret E. 1846-12-04 1886-05-25
    Sister     Westbrook, Christina 1848-12-02 1923-02-24
         Westbrook, Peninnah 1852-07-01 1934-03-23
    Brother     Westbrook, Zachariah Jr. 1853-12-06 1870-06-29
    Brother     Westbrook, Robert Payne 1856-05-08 1899-08-14


Family of Banks, Thomas Calhoun and Westbrook, Peninnah

Married Husband Banks, Thomas Calhoun ( * 1845-04-04 + 1883-03-01 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1869 Navarro, Texas, USA Marriage of Banks, Thomas Calhoun and Westbrook, Peninnah  
Name Birth Date Death Date
Banks, John Payne1870-12-131947-03-04
Banks, Middleton B.1871-04-061883-03-03
Banks, Mina Jennie1875-12-181956-11-28
Banks, Hattie1878-02-181878-03-25
Banks, Hatcher1878-02-181918-01-31
Banks, Eunice Ann1880-08-291955-11-29

Family of Carpenter, William Starling and Westbrook, Peninnah

Married Husband Carpenter, William Starling ( * 1858-05-06 + 1928-03-28 )
Name Birth Date Death Date
[Living], [Living]
[Living], [Living]
[Living], [Living]


During the Civil War, Thomas Banks served in the Texas Cavalry. Every night Peninnah with a 12 yr. old black boy would meet him in the Trinity River bottoms with a fresh horse. When the war was over he came home and became ill with meningitis and died March 1, 1883. The oldest son, Mid, died 3 days later. This left P. with five young children under ten yrs. of age. T. B. had left her with 400 acres of land and 100 brood mares.

Sterling Carpenter, a farm hand, came through the country and P. hired him. He lived up to his name "Sterling" as he was an upright Christian man. He and P were married. We have no record of his family. They had three sons. Purdom, Vance, and Ama. They all served in World War I. Purdom settled in the East, Vance in Kansas City and later in McAllen, Texas. Ama lived in Kerens, Texas. - Ruth West


Powell, Texas.
Nov. 7, 1932.



I, Mrs. P. Carpenter a resident citizen of Navarro County Texas Being now of sound and disposing mind and memory but being in feeble health and desiring while I have the strength of mind and body to do so do hereby make this my last Will and Testament revoking all other wills by me at any time heretofore made.

Mrs. S. Carpenter

I estimate at present consist of about 90 acres part of the T O Jones survey in Navarro County, about 40 acres more or less of the R H Matthews survey said county and abut 25 acres part of the John Duncan survey said county But whether or not the avouve estimates are correct I desire to and hereby Will give devise and bequeath unto my my beloved children or their descendants to share jointly and equally share and share alike all of the oil gas coal and other minerals whatsoever which may be situated in, on or under abouve named land or any part thereof it being my intention hereby to will and devise unto my children and the descendants of my children to my beloved son J P Banks an undivided interest one-seventh of the said minerals to the heirs of my beloved daughter Hacher Miller now deceased Bank L Miller S L Miller Raymond L Miller and Robert P Miller and undivided one-seventh of said minerals and to my beloved daughter Eunice West wife of S A West and undivided one-seventh of said minerals my beloved son Z T Banks an undivided one-seventh of said minerals and to my beloved Son J V Carpenter an undivided one seventh of said minerals and to my beloved son Purdom Carpenter an undivided one seventh of said minerals and to my beloved son Ama Carpenter an undivided one eighth of said Minerals I estimate that I still own about 90 acres of land part of T O Jones survey in Navarro County about 40 acres more or less of the B H Matthews survey said County and about 25 acres of the John Duncan survey said county as statedd abouve that I still own approximately all the land abouve which I have neither heretofore deeded to any of it my children nor have I devised the same in this will except the minerals abouve stated Now conserning the abouve mentioned land I do hereby will give and bequeath the same except the minerals underlying as provided for in next preceding paragraph of this will jointly and equally share and share alike unto my following named seven children my Son J P Banks, to my grand children B. L Miller, S L Miller Raymond L. Miller, Robert P. Miller children of my beloved daughter Hacher Miller who is now deceased to my Daughter Eunice West wife of S A West my son Z. T Banks my son J V Carpenter my Son Purdom Carpenter My Son Ama Carpenter

Now considering the decrease in value and the scarcity of money it would be imposible to sell for anything near the value of the land and my will is that the land be kept in state for Ten years so by that time, times may be better and all will be benefitted, if at the end of that time the land is to be sold to who will give the most for if in that time if any of the children are able to buy it and will pay as much as any one else I want them to have a chance at it so it will be kept in the family if posible Now I will that the income on the land be divided equal among all the heirs mentioned in this will after the taxes are paid all the income from the land whether farm rent lease or Royalty shall be divided equally among all the heirs mentioned in this will if at any time before the end of ten years times should get better and the land would be sold for it real value and the contents of this will will be carried out then it can be sold and the proceeds be equally divided if any one of the heirs contest this will they shall be cut off from their interist all my personal propity if any is left shall be divided equal among all except the house hold goods which I leave to my daughter Mina to divide them as she thinks right and and best and I will that she have my feather bed

Now concerning Purdoms land I will that he shall be given time to pay what he owes on it and if times get better the rent will pay it out in a few years if he does not pay it befor that time and the rent will be equally divided among all the heirs this is my will

I do this because of the love and interest I feel for all of you and because I believe it will keep down illwill and trouble and I hope and pray that all will be benefitet by it

Mrs S Carpenter

Now as my daughter Mina has no interest in my real estate but will have a right of her share in my personal propity and I leave all house hold goods to her to divide as she thinks best and right I appoint and nominate my beloved daughter Mina J Banks as executor of and under this will and direct that as such she shall not be required to give any bond or security and further that the probate court shall have nothing to do with the administration of my estate except to receive and file an inventory appraisements and lists of claims and to probate my last will and testament it being my intention to provide that my said estate shall be administered by my executor independent of the probate court. This my last will and testament November 10, 1932.

Mrs. Peninnah Carpenter

Signature of Mrs. P. Carpenter This the 12 day of June A. D. 1933.

H. H. Hanks
Lucy Hanks

If any of my children die without ishue that thir interest come back to the estate and be equally divided among the liveing heirs mention in this will

August 25, 1933

Since writeing the abouve will and studing over it, I have thought it might be best for all concerned to make this change which is that at my death the land be sold but that one half of the mineral rights be reserved to the estate so if ther should ever be any income from it the seven above named children will have equal rights in the income and I will that there shall be no contention over over any part of my will but that all will be settled amicabley I ask this because I love all of you with all a Mothers love and want all of you to love one another as God fro Christ sake loved you

Now I have heard that some of the children have said they thought that Raymond and Robert Miller my two Grandsons who I have helped to raise in my home should be required to pay board but my will is that they shall not do so for they have been a great comfort and help and have earned more than their board and especially since my husband died over five years ago I think they have earned all and move than thaey have ever gotten from me.

I have also heard that soem of them think Mina should pay board now that would be unjust to her for while all the other children have homes and been working for themselves she has been here with me waiting on me in my sickness and has been denied pleasures she could have had but for having to take care of me and she has never left me to go any where on pleasure trips and she has worked hard doing house work cooking cleaning washing ironing and all necessary work - besides looking after the outside work Now I think that if anything is comeing it should be to her and not to the estate Now I have provided for her and she nor I are asking for anything but my will is that she shall not pay any thing for board or anything else and if any one of the heirs try to do anything about this they or break my will shall be cut off from any part comeing to them Now this is my last will and testament

Mrs. S Carpenter.



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