Westbrook, John Wesley

Birth Name Westbrook, John Wesley
Gender male
Age at Death 79 years, 6 months, 20 days


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1837-05-01   Birth of Westbrook, John Wesley  
Death 1916-11-21   Death of Westbrook, John Wesley  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Westbrook, Zachariah1809-12-251878-02-01
Mother Agnew, Mary Z.1813-10-201896-05-25
         Westbrook, John Wesley 1837-05-01 1916-11-21
    Sister     Westbrook, Lucy J 1838 1862
    Brother     Westbrook, James Nelson 1840 1863
    Sister     Westbrook, Mary 1841-10-07 1873-06-23
    Brother     Westbrook, George Middleton 1844-08-17 1925-12-14
    Sister     Westbrook, Margaret E. 1846-12-04 1886-05-25
    Sister     Westbrook, Christina 1848-12-02 1923-02-24
    Sister     Westbrook, Peninnah 1852-07-01 1934-03-23
    Brother     Westbrook, Zachariah Jr. 1853-12-06 1870-06-29
    Brother     Westbrook, Robert Payne 1856-05-08 1899-08-14


Family of Westbrook, John Wesley and Sanders, Drusilla Bessie

Married Wife Sanders, Drusilla Bessie ( * 1835-01-29 + 1912-04-13 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1856 Navarro, Texas, USA Marriage of Westbrook, John Wesley and Sanders, Drusilla B.  
Name Birth Date Death Date
Westbrook, Florence J.1858-01-041886-01-08
Westbrook, Olive1861-10-181950-04-02
Westbrook, Hatcher A.1869-04-111877-02-12
Westbrook, John P.1875-10-111900-05-25


Uncle John was a brother of Granny Carpenter. They farmed near Bazette. He made a remark that it would take an irion rod to find his moeny after he died. (His brother Mid was a banker in Kerens but Uncle John didn't believe in banks). They reared two daughters, but Uncle John wouldn't let them date. They both eloped and married brothers. Vee married Henry Albritton, ---- married ----- Albritton. Uncle John disowned both daughters and left his farm to a niece, Earle Arnett, and her husband John. John left his job and they moved out to the farm and began tearing the place apart looking for money. They found a concrete vault under a wooden floor in the smoke house. It contained $16,000.00 in gold coins. They dug up the dirt floor in a tool shed and found an undisclosed amoutn of money buried in fruit jars. They dug up fence posts and everywhere over the farm. No one ever knew how much they found.

His house set back from the road and you had to go thru a gate to get to it. Uncle Bob Miller came to see him on horse back when the road was muddy. He was riding along the side of the road on the grass. Uncle John called to him to get his horse down in the ruts. He didn't want him to mash down the grass. Lots of cuss words were added as he was a rather foul mouth person. - Ruth West

Family Map

Family Map