Lowrey, John Merle

Birth Name Lowrey, John Merle
Call Name Merle
Gender male
Age at Death 26 years, 9 months, 23 days


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1916-10-16 San Bernandino, California, USA Birth of Lowrey, John  
Death 1943-08-08 Escondido, San Diego, California, USA Death of Lowrey, John  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Lowrey, John Turner1889-12-111969-01-22
Mother Vance, Augusta Amanda1894-07-291955-11-17
    Brother     Lowrey, Deward Archie 1913-01-22 1988-04-13
         Lowrey, John Merle 1916-10-16 1943-08-08
    Sister     Lowrey, Rebecca Benicia 1918-08-09 2011-05-08


After the divorce between Grandma Vance Lowrey & John Turner Lowrey, Deward and Merle lived with their father in Riverside while Rebecca lived with her mother, “Gussie” in Escondido.  The reason for the divorce according to Rebecca’s mother was, “he was lazy”.  Her mother was working in the fields in Benicia, California when Rebecca was born, returning back to the field shortly after and later she worked in the ship yards during World War II.  She was a riveter during the war.  Rebecca said her father was not abusive; her mother just became tried of working all the time.

John’s 2nd marriage was to Aries Bessinger.  They lived in Mentone out of Redlands.  They had 4 children.  Rebecca doesn’t remember much about John & Aries children, but they were nice kids.  She remembers that George was the oldest and Margaret was the first to die. The other two were Bill & Dorothy.  Dorothy married a man by the name of

After John & Grandma Vance divorced, Aunt Lucy, Aunt Morgan, Aunt Elizabeth and Grandma Vance, along with Uncle Buster all worked in the packing house in Escondido packing oranges.  Rebecca said she also worked in the packing house in her early 20’s. - From the memories of Rebecca Lowrey Wooliscroft from Arlene Teller Duncan