Vance, William Henry

Birth Name Vance, William Henry
Gender male
Age at Death 39 years, 10 months, 17 days


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1822 South Carolina, USA Birth of Vance, William Henry  
Death 1861-11-18 Sudley’s Church, Centerville, Fairfax, Virginia, USA Death of Vance, William Henry  


Family of Vance, William Henry and Gill, Eliza A.

Married Wife Gill, Eliza A. ( * about 1823 + after 1891 )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Vance, James H.1844-01-001905-01-25
Vance, Samantha C.about 1844about 1917
Vance, William H.about 1848
Vance, Savannah1850-04-221952-08-18
Vance, Peter Adam1856-08-031945-10-18
Vance, Charles W.1857-06-001909-03-00
Vance, Benjamin Hill1861-02-221950-09-02


William H Sr. enlisted as a conferate soldier (private) in company F, 21st regimen Georgia Volunteers Infantry Army of northern Virginia Conferate States of America died November 18, 1861 of disease (typhoid fever) at Sudley Church Hospital.


The Twenty-first regiment Georgia volunteers was organized with John T. Mercer as colonel, James J. Morrison, lieutenant-colonel, and T. W. Hooper, major. The adjutant was T. J. Verdery. The captains were T. C. Glover (A), A. S. Hamilton (B), J. F. Waddell (c), H. T. Battle (D), J. R. Hart (E), John T. Boykin (F), Wesley Kinman (G), James C. Nisbet (H), Michael Lynch (I), John B. Ackridge (K).. The Twenty-first served in the army of Northern Virginia, acting a gallant part in the many great battles in which it was engaged. Col. John T. Moore being killed in battle, was succeeded by Thomas W. Hooper. Lieutenant-Colonel Morrison was followed by Hooper; T. C. Glover, who had succeeded Hooper as major on his first promotion, became lieutenant-colonel when Hooper was promoted to the command of the regiment. When Glover became lieutenant-colonel, M. Lynch became major. Adjutant Verdery was followed by L. F. Bakewell. Captain Glover was followed by W. M. Butt, who was killed in battle. Captain Kinman was succeeded by N. B. Hudgins, and Nisbet by John B. Countiss. The Twenty-first was one of the regiments commanded by the gallant General Doles, who fell at the second battle of Cold Harbor.

Company Organization of the 21st Regiment.

Company A: Campbell County men-Campbell County Guards/Campbellton Home Guards

Company B: Floyd County men-Floyd Sharpshooters

Company C: Fulton County men-Atlanta Volunteers

Company D: Polk County men-Cedartown Guards

Company E: 1st Company E-Floyd County men-Sardis Volunteers. By special order no. 106, Adjutant and Inspector General's Office, dated Richmond, Virginia May 8, 1862, this company, "old Company E," was detached from this regiment and became Company A, 1st Regiment Georgia Partisan Rangers and subsequently became Company G, Smith's Legion Georgia Cavalry, which in March 1863, became Company G, 6th Regiment Georgia Cavalry.

Company E: 2nd Company E-Forsyth and Dawson County men-Concord Rangers. This company was originally known as Captain Smith's Company Independent Regiment, Wise's Legion. It was formed of men transferred from Captain Jesse Burtz's Company, the Cherokee Georgia Mountaineers, which was divided by Special Order No. 163, Adjutant and Inspector General's Office, dated September 26, 1861. It afterwards became Company D, 2nd Battallion, North Carolina Infantry, but being composed of men from Georgia was subsequently transferred to the 21st Georgia Infantry regiment by Special Order No. 84, Adjutant and Inspector General's Office, April 11, 1864 , and became the new Company E.

Company F: Troup County men-Ben Hill Infantry-Ben Hill Volunteers

Company G:Gordon County men-Dabney Rifles

Company H: Dade County men-Silver Grays/Yancey Invincibles

Company I: Stewart County men-Stewart Infantry

Company K: Chattooga County men-Bartow Avengers



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