Family of Westbrook, Zachariah and Agnew, Mary Z.


Married Husband Westbrook, Zachariah ( * 1809-12-25 + 1878-02-01 )
Married Wife Agnew, Mary Z. ( * 1813-10-20 + 1896-05-25 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1835-10-08   Marriage of Westbrook, Zachariah and Agnew, Mary  
Name Birth Date Death Date
Westbrook, John Wesley1837-05-011916-11-21
Westbrook, Lucy J18381862
Westbrook, James Nelson18401863
Westbrook, Mary1841-10-071873-06-23
Westbrook, George Middleton1844-08-171925-12-14
Westbrook, Margaret E.1846-12-041886-05-25
Westbrook, Christina1848-12-021923-02-24
Westbrook, Peninnah1852-07-011934-03-23
Westbrook, Zachariah Jr.1853-12-061870-06-29
Westbrook, Robert Payne1856-05-081899-08-14