Orsborn, Daniel

Birth Name Orsborn, Daniel
Gender male
Age at Death 64 years


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1796-12-17 Kentucky, USA Birth of Orsborn, Daniel  
Death 1860-12-17 Sigourney, Kiokuk, Iowa, USA Death of Orsborn, Daniel  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Orsborn, Usual17731840
Mother Springer, Deborah17721816
         Orsborn, Daniel 1796-12-17 1860-12-17
    Brother     Orsborn, Thomas 1795
    Brother     Orsborn, Samuel about 1798
    Brother     Orsborn, Silas about 1802 1850
    Brother     Orsborn, David 1800


Family of Orsborn, Daniel and Speckles, Margaret

Married Wife Speckles, Margaret ( * + 1823-03-23 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1817-11-15 Harrison, Kentucky, USA Marriage of Orsborn, Daniel and Speckles, Margaret  
Name Birth Date Death Date
Orsborn, Samuel1818-07-041866-03-29
Orsborn, Thomas William1819-08-031832-08-15
Orsborn, Philip1821-04-221863-02-09
Orsborn, Margaret1823-03-22

Family of Orsborn, Daniel and Burkett, Dorothy

Married Wife Burkett, Dorothy ( * 1798-01-11 + 1879-03-17 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1824-08-00 Union, Ohio, USA Marriage of Orsborn, Daniel and Burnett, Dorothea  
Name Birth Date Death Date
Orsborn, Mary Ann1826-08-06
Orsborn, Martha1827-05-171880-07-22
Orsborn, Tillitha1827-05-171904-01-17
Orsborn, Dorothy1830-06-241831-06-11
Orsborn, Sally Ann1832-06-301912-01-18
Orsborn, Nancy Jane1837-05-01


The story goes that there was a cemetery behind the old Bethel Methodist Church out in the country of Sigourney, Iowa. Years before, the old church had been relocated which left the cemetery unattended. The person who acquired the land years later decided to break all the old headstones & use them as a foundation for his barn that was starting to sway downwards. The Historical Society of Sigourney, Iowa learned about it, so several members went out & took pictures of the headstones laying under his barn before he poured cement over them. The Historical Society tried to stop him, but before they could bring any justice to the headstones, he had buried them. They said he was a mean old man who fought anyone wanting to go onto his property to visit the old cemetery. When I visited Sigourney in the 1990's, a cousin of mine, Bill Orsborn & his brother, Jim, had learned of the tragedy and learned that the old man had since passed away. They immediately ordered a new headstone for Daniel Orsborn to be placed right in the middle of the cemetery at the site of the old cemetery. Members of the Historical Society took me to the site & I was able to lay flowers at this headstone. --- Arlene (Teller) Duncan


From Bill Orsborn, May 1996 VHS tape of trip:

2. Old Orsborn farm east of Sigourney, owned by Daniel and Dorothy Orsborn, now owned by James Vacin and Family. We are looking at property Title Report issued at time the Cavin's purchased property; it lists the former owners. The report lists Daniel's date of death as Dec. 17, 1860

5. Johnson Cemetery NW or Sigourney to visit Elizabeth Hatter Orsborn's parent's graves, Matthias and Melinda Hatter.

6. NE of Kenton, OH to visit old Orsborn Farm owned by Daniel and Dorothy from 1837 to 1847. Farm is now owned by Martha's cousin; Martha, wife of Asa Philip Orsborn Jr.


Maysville, Union Co., Ohio is the town where Daniel moved to from KY in either 1823 or 1824. It is not known if his 1st wife, Margaret, died before they left KY or if she died in Union Co., OH. Mill Creek is very near Marysville. Arthur Badley, Sr. died in Union County and is buried there, as well as Daniel and Dorothy's daughter Dorothy who drwoned in Mill Creek when she was 1 year old. We saw Arthur's name on the cemetery list but did not see little Dorothy's name listed. I believe there is a Badley Cemetery there in Marysville. - Arlene Teller Duncan