Badley, Arthur

Birth Name Badley, Arthur
Gender male
Age at Death 67 years, 5 months, 3 days


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1820-06-25 Millcreek, Union, Ohio, USA Birth of Badley, Arthur  
Death 1887-11-28 Wick, Warren, Iowa, USA Death of Badley, Arthur  
Burial   Wick, Warren, Iowa, USA Burial of Badley, Arthur  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Badley, Arthur17921819-12-14
Mother Burkett, Dorothy1798-01-111879-03-17
    Brother     Badley, Joseph H. 1816 1869-12-22
    Brother     Badley, Henry Hurst 1818-05-10 1900-03-19
         Badley, Arthur 1820-06-25 1887-11-28


Family of Badley, Arthur and Houser, Nancy J.

Married Wife Houser, Nancy J. ( * + ... )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1847-09-09   Marriage of Badley, Arthur and Houser, Nancy  


Badley, Arthur, son of Arthur and Dorotha Badley, was born June 25, 1820, near Maysville, Union county, Ohio. Was united in marriage to Nancy J. Houser, September 9th, 1847, and deceased November 28, 1887, at his home near Wick, Iowa, aged 67 years 5 months and 3 days. He was converted at a camp-meeting just above Mayville, on Mill Creek in Union county, Ohio and joined the M. E. Church at the age of 13 years, through the ministry of Rev. Wm. S. Morrow. He received license to exhort April 7th and to read in July 1842. Was admitted on trial in the Indiana conference in October of same year, and appointed to the Winchester circuit. He traveled circuits regularly every year in Indiana until 1857, when he was transferred to the Des Moines conference, since which time he took regular work on district circuits and stations, until 1882, when, on account of failing health, he reluctantly gave up the effective relation, took superannuation and settled on the farm which was his home until the bright angel with .........bore him to his mansion among the evergreen mountains of life. His days work was well and fully done and the sunset was serene and...... The last few weeks of his earthly life were full of pain and suffering, still he kept saying it must be right for it is the good Father's will, and while in his garden of sorrow would say, "Thy will be done." One of the last acts of his life was to collect his fleeing thoughts, kneel at his bedside and offer a tender, beautiful prayer for the church, the pastor, neighbors, his beloved wife and daughter at his side, and for that noble son in far away India. The funeral services were conducted by J. W. Webb, D.D., and Rev. T. P. Newland.

Obituary from Madison County GenWeb project


Rev. Arthur Badley. Jr. was the posthumous son of Arthur and Dorothy (Burkett) Badley, Sr. He was born Millcreek Township, Ohio. He was the husband of Nancy Jane (Houser) Badley. He was a minister in the Indiana Conference, Des Moines Conference and Iowa Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church. He was 67 years, 5 months and 3 days old at the time of his death.

Rev. Arthur Badley's Journal
Abstracted by Frances Badley Benes

"The Rev. Arthur Badley became a preacher of the Methodist Episcopal Church at the age of twenty-one, and in 1824 was ordained a Deacon. He served as a circuit rider in Indiana from that time until 1857 when, with his family, he moved to Iowa, continuing as minister and Presiding Elder until 1876.


Badley Family Collection

United Methodist Archives and History Center
General Commission on Archives and History, Madison, New Jersey


The Badley family have a long history of missionary service in the Methodist Epsicopal Church and the Methodist Church. There are three individuals who exemplify this commitment. They are Brenton Hamline Badley, Brenton Thoburn Badley, and Theodore Charles Badley.

Brenton Hamline Badley (1849-1891), Missionary, was born in Monmouth, Indiana on April 27, 1849. He was the son of the Reverend Arthur Badley who served in the Des Moines Annual Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Brenton married Mary Margaret Anna Scott on August 8, 1872, and joined the Des Moines Annual Conference in September of that same year. Badley was transferred to the North India Annual Conference and arrived in India in December of 1872, where he was appointed to the city of Lucknow. Within six months he preached his first venacular sermon, and went on to spend the next four years in rural evangelism. He then returned to Lucknow where he served the remainder of his life. The development of the Centennial Boys School into Reid Christian College, now Lucknow Christian College, was his greatest accomplishment. Mr. Badley went on to write numerous books and articles on Indian Missions for a variety of American publications, and prepared the Indian Missionary Directory in 1876. Brenton Hamline Badley died in 1891.

Brenton Thoburn Badley (1876-1949), Bishop and Missionary, was born in United Provinces, India on May 29, 1876, the son of Brenton Hamline Badley. In 1900, after completing his course studies, he traveled as a Methodist missionary to India, where he worked as a professor at Lucknow for ten years. Badley then served as Secretary of the Epworth League for India and Burma, as well as Associate Secretary of the Board of Foreign Missions of the Methodist Episcopal Church from 1917-1919. The Central Conference of Southern Asia elected him editor of its weekly publication "The Indian Witness" in January of 1924. Before serving in that capacity he went to the General Conference in Springfield, Massachusetts, where in May of 1924 he was elected bishop. He supervised the Bombay, Gujarat, Hyderabad, and South India Annual Conferences as his first assignment. Later, he was moved to Delhi, and spent four years supervising the Delhi, North India and Indus River Conferences, the latter of which was eventually put into the Bombay Annual Conference. He authored many articles in America and India, and wrote twelve books before his death at Mirzapore, India, on February 1, 1949.

Theodore Charles Badley (1879-1965), Missionary and Christian Educator, was born in Lucknow, India in 1879, the son of Brenton Hamline Badley, and the brother of Brenton Thoburn Badley. He was married to Clara Nelson in 1904. After the two arrived in Lucknow, Badley became a teacher at Lucknow Christian College. Later, he became Secretary of the Council of Christian Education, where he endeavored to upgrade Methodist educational institutions throughout India. Badley became the Delhi superintendent before retiring to Claremont, California, where he died on June 21, 1965.