Teal, William

Birth Name Teal, William
Gender male


Family of Teal, William and Bowdon, Emma

Married Wife Bowdon, Emma ( * + ... )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Teal, Frances E.1852-10-001913


The Teal
family came from South Carolina in 1840 and settled in Pike County,
Georgia, whence a few years later William Teal went to the Mexican
war, and was for many years a prominent farmer. He died at the age of
sixty-five. His wife. Emma Bowdon, was of a prominent family in whose
honor the Village of Bowdon is named. Mr. Newell's mother was born in
Pike County, Georgia.
--- From a book published in 1917 called "A standard history of Georgia and Georgians,
Volume 6" By Lucian Lamar Knight.


    1. Teal, William
      1. Bowdon, Emma
        1. Teal, Frances E.