Swinton, Isaac

Birth Name Swinton, Isaac
Gender male


Family of Swinton, Isaac and , Elinor

Married Wife , Elinor ( * + ... )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Sinton, Jacobabout 16901772


The name "Isaac Swinton" came from the black Gorden notebook. However, it is possible that the name of the father of Jacob Sinton was actually "Joseph James Sinton" born 1670 in Crewcatt, Armagh, Ireland who married a "Elinor" and who's father was Benjamin Sinton (Cynton), born 1640, as stated on the website: http://www.bob-sinton.com/index.php See the site's notes on "Joseph James Sinton" or "Isaac Swinton" below:


We do not know the name of the husband of Elinor [the Greenmount line, descendants of Jacob, calls him Joseph and the Unshinagh line, descendants of Benjamin, calls him Isaac], but Elinor (Ellen) Sinton, widow, was active in the Quaker records; her sons, Benjamin and Jacob, being frequently mentioned there also. William, who was "visited" prior to immigration, and Joseph are probably sons though there is no proof. LBS gives an outline stating a marriage date for Elinor and Joseph as 1675; and gives John Thomas Sinton, who married Anna Ruth Young as the source of the information. From information carved on the old chest at "Greenmont". The Walter Lyon Sinton/John Ronald Howard Greeves outline calls him Joseph Sinton of Crucatt. That outline also calls Benjamin "of Unshinagh". The Tamnaghmore line of the present day do not recognize this term/place. Jacob is called "of Greenmont", a house which came to him from his wife's father.

The above notes from JHJ. I do not believe the last sentence as Unshinagh is a townland just over one mile from Tamnaghmore...


"Above Name [Swinton] Continued on Chart Immagrated to Ireland From Scotland In 1695" -From Dale Gorden Family Black Notebook


    1. Swinton, Isaac
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