Donaldson, John

Birth Name Donaldson, John
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Sources
Death 1865-05-15   Death of Donaldson, John  


Family of Donaldson, John and , Louisa Elizabeth

Married Wife , Louisa Elizabeth ( * about 1828 + ... )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Donaldson, William H. H.1843-11-12
Donaldson, Soverignabout 1847
Donaldson, Thomas E.about 1848
Donaldson, Marthaabout 1850
Donaldson, David B.about 1852
Donaldson, Marion A.about 1854
Donaldson, Joelabout 1855
Donaldson, John J.about 1856
Donaldson, Louisaabout 1856
Donaldson, Nancyabout 1857
Donaldson, Gosperabout 1859
Donaldson, Jefferson D.about 1861
Donaldson, Celia Missouri1864-08-00


Listed on 1860 Federal Census as a "Farmer" and born in Alabama