Evidently, Ralph had bought some land in Florida, sight unseen. When Ralph went back to Florida, taking Grandpa Highpockets with him to help develop it, he discovered the land he had bought was swamp land. After a short period of time, Grandpa Highpockets was ready to come back to California. Hank & David drove back in their brand new car to pick him up, but while they were there, Hank & David decided they would go over to Cuba. Shortly after their trip, Cuba was completely closed to any United States citizens. Cuba has never been open to United States citizens since.

However, on their way back to California, with Grandpa in the car, David was driving, he hit a slick spot of ice in the road & crashed. No one was injured, just their new car.

That was the first time I met David with his father when they came over to tell Hazelle about their trip to Florida & what happened with the car. Actually though, Hank & David had come over to see if they could breed their horse with a palomino that Hazelle had, named Chris. He was a "Beautiful" palomino horse that we breed. While there, was when we heard about their trip & car. Hank & David had come over to Hazelle's to tell her all about their trip to Florida & Cuba. I believe, the next week was when they came over to show us their slides. - Arlene Teller Duncan