Teller Grandchildren - Lavern, Glen, Marvin, Delmar, Hazel,
Clarence, Clifford & Little "Buzzy".

These are the children of my father, George W. & Adena Teller & his
sister, Isabel (Teller) Berg. My father married Adena Berg & his
sister married her brother, Issac Berg. (Brother & Sister, Brother &
Sister relationship)

George W. Teller's children: Glen, Hazel, Clarence & Clifford
Isabel (Teller) Berg's children: Lavern, Marvin, Delmar & "Buzzy"

Little Buzzy was killed shortly after this picture was taken. Issac
Berg & his family were hauling some produce along French Camp Road,
Manteca, Ca. They had stopped to load some additional produce when
Little "Buzzy" ran around the back of the wagon and was hit by an
oncoming vehicle. He is buried at Parkview Cemetery, French Camp,
Ca. (French Camp is between Manteca and Stockton, Ca.) - Arlene Teller Duncan