Richard Kiel at Grand Opening of TCBY Yogurt in Oakhurst.

During the 1980's, Scott was working at Midway Market as a box boy. Richard Kiel came in, looked over the top of the food counter shelves and asked Scott where something was located. Scott said it was so weird that someone could see over the top counters like that. When Richard Kiel checked out, Scott carried his groceries out. Richard
gave him a $20.00 bill as a tip.

Richard was a really fun and kind person. Nothing like "Jaws"! - Arlene Teller Duncan

I also was able to meet Mr Kiel a couple of times. His wife was very short, as was his son, who played on the Yosemite Highschool Basketball team with my cousin Kendall West. He would drive around Oakhurst in a minivan that had been specially made for him. Even so it looked like his head could punch through the ceiling at any time! - Logan West