Family of Banks, Lynch and Sanders, Drucilla


Married Husband Banks, Lynch ( * 1814-05-08 + 1859-10-30 )
Married Wife Sanders, Drucilla ( * 1819-02-02 + 1853-05-17 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1836-05-17 Madison, Arkansas, USA Marriage of Banks, Lynch and Sanders, Drucilla  
Name Birth Date Death Date
Banks, George Woodward1838-10-02
Banks, John Albert1840-02-241889-09-15
Banks, Drucilla AnnaBelle1842-03-201883-09-20
Banks, Mary E.1843-02-22
Banks, Thomas Calhoun1845-04-041883-03-01
Banks, Maude Anne1847-02-181889-01-23
Banks, Charles Burton1849-01-271940-05-28
Banks, Jordon Lafayette1851-06-121911