Family of Angney, Christian Sr. and Shaver, Elisabetha


Married Husband Angney, Christian Sr. ( * 1749-12-25 + 1824-03-17 )
Married Wife Shaver, Elisabetha ( * 1748-07-14 + about 1816 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage about 1771   Marriage of Angney, Christian and Shaver, Elisabetha  
Name Birth Date Death Date
Ankeny, George1772-10-16about 1846
Ankeny, David17741805-10-10
Ankeny, Henry17761846
Ankney, Elizabeth1779-11-281863-05-08
Ankeny, Christian Jr.1782-05-131864-06-01
Ankeny, Rosina1784-11-04
Ankeny, Anna Maria1787-02-081855-05-09
Ankeny, Margaret1789-08-041886-08-06
Ankeny, Jacob1792-02-111873-01-21