Family of Sinton, Thomas and Christy, Margaret


Married Husband Sinton, Thomas ( * 1732-10-14 + 1812-01-05 )
Married Wife Christy, Margaret ( * 1737-10-15 + 1810 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1756-09-29 Friends Meeting House, Moyallan, Down, Ireland Marriage of Sinton, Thomas and Christy, Margaret  
Name Birth Date Death Date
Sinton, Anne17581798
Sinton, James17591761
Sinton, Jacob1761-11-091837
Sinton, James17621766
Sinton, John17651829
Sinton, Margaret17671825
Sinton, Thomas17691802
Sinton, James Christy17711827
Sinton, Deborah17731834
Sinton, Joseph17741836
Sinton, Samuel17781845