Family of Cannon, Horace Wiley and Hefner, Nancy


Married Husband Cannon, Horace Wiley ( * 1811-09-13 + 1892-02-16 )
Married Wife Hefner, Nancy ( * 1813-09-06 + 1896-11-05 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage about 1833 Buncombe County, North Carolina, USA    
Name Birth Date Death Date
Cannon, Malissa1834-02-221894-05-11
Cannon, Jabel V.18361862-09-14
Cannon, Amanda1837-10-131916-09-07
Cannon, Hannah C.1839-11-221916-12-17
Cannon, Horace Porter18421864-08-29
Cannon, Elizabeth M.1844
Cannon, Henry K.1846-03-061906-05-28
Cannon, Russell E.1848-05-231908-04-22
Cannon, Susan R.1850-04-031931-12-10
Cannon, James Alvin18521939-03-24
Cannon, John Calvin1853-01-221929-10-22
Cannon, Eliza W.18541934-03-03
Cannon, Hiram Raleigh1857-07-151936-08-06
Cannon, Ada A.1859-05-081882-10-31
Cannon, Savannah B.1861-06-081950-11-11